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  • Rek'Sai is the first female Voidborn released and the second one without a humanoid form (the first being AniviaSquare Anivia).
  • Rek'Sai' is the first (and so far only) champion with a Tunnel Tunnel ability.
  • Rek'Sai is the first Fighter icon fighter champion released without a secondary role.
  • Rek'Sai's design was greatly influenced by canceled champion OmenSquare Omen.
  • Rek seems to be a wordplay on English wreck.
    • The Sai species is seemingly based on Arabic śayʔ شَؾْء "thing", from Proto-Semitic *ɬayʔ[1] & references the Sandworm's epithet, Śaiʔ-Ḫulud شَؾْء خُلُود "thing-of eternity."
    • Given that the Xer'Sai species were conceived as 'Land Shark[s],' the element Xer might be from Greek ξηρός "dry," alluding to their preferred habitats.
  • The first version of Void Rush Void Rush was often referred to as a "farm alarm" due to players using it to get back into the jungle to quickly resume their paths.


  • Rek'Sai is the first champion to not actually talk and the second to not speak an intelligible language (the first being GnarSquare Gnar).


Rek'SaiSquare Classic Rek'Sai [S|L]
Rek'SaiSquare Eternum Rek'Sai [S|L]
Rek'SaiSquare Pool Party Rek'Sai [S|L]


  • Rek'Sai is the queen of her Voidborn species (the Xer'Sai) as well as the largest among their number.
    • Rek'Sai came to Shurima from the Void millennia ago (legend has it she's been around since before AzirSquare Azir's time) making her the Voidborn who, so far, has dwelt the longest on Runeterra (she has spent all this time building a portal to the Void, using the life essence of her victims as fuel to open it).
  • Rek'Sai is not as sapient as the other Voidborn champions (she is to them what a dangerous animal is to humans).


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