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The Refer-A-Friend program is the reward system Riot Games Inc. created to motivate players to recruit friends for the game. On 25-Apr-2012, Refer A Friend 2.0 was released.[1]

Referrals can be accumulated by sending out an email using the form on the referrals page, or with your account's personalized referral link. Referrals will be accepted from both EU and US; it does not matter which server they sign up with.

This system was active until 5-Sep-2015. The exclusive skins can now be obtained with Honor. [2]

Last Version (Discontinued)

Version 3.0 Refer a Friend rewards.jpg

Refer a friend Rewards.
(Grey Warwick Grey Warwick and Medieval Twitch Medieval Twitch)

Players can Refer-a-Friend five times, each time getting IP and/or with an Exclusive skin when they reach level 10. Obtaining Riot Points will no longer be available with this system.

  • 1 - IP 1000, "Recruiter" forum title and badge
  • 2 - IP 1000
  • 3 - IP 1000; Exclusive Grey Warwick Grey Warwick [S|L] skin, Warwick champion and "Senior Recruiter" forum title
  • 4 - IP 1000
  • 5 - IP 1000; Exclusive Medieval Twitch Medieval Twitch [S|L] skin, Twitch champion and "Master Recruiter" forum title

Past Versions

Original version

Every time someone that you have referred reaches summoner level 5, the player that invited him is eligible for a reward. Every friend that reaches level 5 will let you a 4-win IP Influence Points boost that you can redeem whenever you want. In addition, every time you reach one of the following reward tiers, you will receive a unique reward.

Version 2.0

Players earn IP 250 each time a referral reaches level 5 and milestone rewards as they reach level 10. Milestone rewards are one time only prizes unless otherwise noted, and are unlocked once the appropriate number of level 10 referrals is obtained.

  • 1 - IP 500, "Recruiter" forum title and badge
  • 2 - IP 500
  • 3 - IP 500
  • 4 - IP 500
  • 5 - IP 500 and a Rune Page
  • 10 - RP 975
  • 25 - Exclusive Grey Warwick Grey Warwick [S|L] skin, Warwick champion and "Senior Recruiter" forum title
  • 50 - RP 2,000 and Medieval Twitch Medieval Twitch [S|L]
  • 75 - RP 4,000
  • 100 - RP 10,000 and "Master Recruiter" forum title
  • 150+ - RP 5,000 for every 50 referrals after 100


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