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Prototype Hex Core is a basic item in League of Legends for Viktor Viktor.[1]

Cost Analysis*

Gold Value
  • Total Gold Value = level × Gold.png 35.75
    • AP Gold Value = level × Gold.png 21.75
    • Mana Gold Value = level × Gold.png 14
  • Total Gold Value = Gold.png 643.5 (at level 18)
    • AP Gold Value = Gold.png 391.5 (at level 18)
    • Mana Gold Value = Gold.png 252 (at level 18)

Gold Efficiency*

  • Prototype Hex Core is technically infinitely gold efficient, as it costs Gold.png 0 to acquire. However, as it occupies one of your item slots, this value is comparative.

Builds Into


  • Viktor Viktor starts with this item in his inventory and he cannot sell it. It cannot be bought by anyone.
  • It is advisable to upgrade this item as soon as possible since upgraded versions of this item give Viktor Viktor additional ability effects.


Patch History


  • AP per level reduced to 1 from 3.
  • Now grants (10 × level) mana.

V4.17: Added

  • +3 ability per level
  • Unique - Progress: This Item can be upgraded three times to enhance Viktor's Viktor's basic abilities.


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