For the creature see Poro. Poro-Snax is a consumable item in League of Legends.[1]

On release, the patch notes stated that Poro-Snax cost Gold.png 35 and could be purchased from the store. However, players now start with a Poro-Snax in their trinket slot. Additional snax cannot be purchased.


  • To feed a Poro, simply click the item when near one.
  • When attempting to feed a Poro when it is slightly outside than the Poro-Snax's range, the Poro will chase you.
  • When feeding a Poro, it will run around in a circle, producing hearts and slightly grow in size.
  • RiotRunaan has stated that Poros enjoy mocking and toying with the people that enter the bridge.[2]
  • Riot's lore department had confirmed the collective noun for a group of Poros is a 'fluft of Poros'.[3]
  • One Poro starts in each center bush and will normally run from champions. Because of this, they can give away your position by exiting the bush and being seen by the enemy. However, if the first champion to enter the bush has a Poro-Snax, the Poro will stay next to that champion.
  • If a Poro gets too close to one of the two Obelisks, it gets fired by a laser and starts to run away.
  • Riot has stated that Poro-Snax are a Poro's favorite food.
  • As Braum Braum, if you feed a Poro with a Poro-snax, the Poro will grow a black mustache.
    • As Dragonslayer Braum Dragonslayer Braum [S|L] feeding a Poro with a Poro-snax, it will grow an orange mustache instead.
  • On first turret kill, all team members receive an additional Poro-Snax Poro-Snax.

Patch history

  • New Effect: On first turret kill, all team members receive an additional Poro-Snax.
  • Now held in the trinket slot.
V3.6 Added
  • Costs Gold.png 35 and one can be purchased per player.
  • Can only be purchased if you have the Biscuiteer (Season 2013 Mastery) Biscuiteer mastery.
  • You can feed it to Poros, causing it to perform a random behavior (such as love hearts).
  • If a Poro is fed 10 snacks, it will explode into 8 small Poros.


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