Omega Squad is a series of alternate future/universe skins in League of Legends. Set in an alternate reality where Bandle Citys champions have formed of a squad of yordle and yordle like fighters.[1]


Squad Members

CONFIDENTIAL: Omega Squad 2017



  • Omega Squad skins were inspired by Vietnam War films.
  • In the 2017 Omega Squad skins trailer "Operation - Rescue Teemo", the Headhunter skins make an appearance as enemies of the Omega Squad.

With V7.15 2017 Omega Squad skin, arrived sets of missions. Each mission is related to one the Omega Squad member and rewards the player with a Squad Token. With 5 Squad Tokens, you can forge the 20px Omega Squad Veteran icon, which unlocks it permanently.

  • TeemoSquare Omega Squad Teemo [S|L] - The Rookie
    • "Suit up, rook."
    • Objective: Win one matchmade game.
    • Reward: Squad Token.
  • Omega Squad Twitch Omega Squad Twitch [S|L] - The "Medic"
    • "Kill! Kill! Kill them all!"
    • Objective 1: Get 10 kills in PVP matchmade games.
    • Objective 2: Get 25 assists in PVP matchmade games.
    • Reward: Squad Token.
  • Omega Squad Fizz Omega Squad Fizz [S|L] - The Saboteur
    • "Let's liberate some gold from their supplies."
    • Objective: Collect 40,000 gold in PVP matchmade games.
    • Reward: Squad Token.
  • Omega Squad Veigar Omega Squad Veigar [S|L] - The Artillery
    • "Time to call in the thunder."
    • Objective 1: Kill 1,000 minions as a team. Games against bots work.
    • Objective 2: Kill 300 minions individually. Games against bots work.
    • Reward: Squad Token.
  • Omega Squad Tristana Omega Squad Tristana [S|L] - The Commander
    • "Time to call in the thunder."
    • Objective: Win 3 PVP matchmade games.
    • Reward: Squad Token.
  • 20px Omega Squad Spotted
    • "Target: in the brush, one five zero."
    • Objective: Play one matchmade game where someone on either team is using Omega Squad Skin.
    • Reward: Omega Squad Recruit Icon.


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