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Offense Mastery Tree

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The Offense Mastery Tree was one of the three mastery branches. All masteries were redesigned on 2011-11-15. The information from this article refers to the version of this mastery tree used before the redesign.


Its main focus was to give advantage to offensive actions like physical damage, magic damage, critical strike, and armor penetration, among other offensive buffs. The summoner spells Exhaust Exhaust (Tier 1) Smite Smite (Tier 1) Ignite Ignite (Tier 3) and Rally Rally (Tier 5) were improved by these masteries. This tree benefited attack damage carries the most, while also providing useful benefits for casters.

It would've taken 32 points to max out the Offense tree.

List of Masteries

Tier 1
Tier 2
(Requires 4 points)
Tier 3
(Requires 8 points)
Tier 4
(Requires 12 points)
Tier 5
(Requires 16 points)
Tier 6
(Requires 20 points)
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