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Summoner's Rift
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Twisted Treeline
Twisted Treeline (Jungler)
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Playing As Nocturne Nocturne
Playing Against Nocturne Nocturne


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  • Although Nocturne Nocturne lane dominance is great because of his Umbra Blades Umbra Blades and Duskbringer Duskbringer, He is very squishy early game. Putting aggressive pressure on him will make him under-leveled or under-farmed.
  • Try to juke to avoid Duskbringer Duskbringer because this will increase Nocturne's Nocturne's movement speed if it hits you.
  • Breaking Unspeakable Horror's Unspeakable Horror's leash can be critical to your survival. It is his only form of crowd control.
  • If Shroud of Darkness Shroud of Darkness is being used, save your crowd control abilities for after it expires - or if you want to crowd control him faster, pop it with another ability. If he is chasing you, using a crowd control ability with a long cast time (e.g. Cho'Gath's Cho'Gath's Rupture Rupture) will be counterproductive as he will use his Shroud of Darkness to block the attack and greatly boost his attack speed. However, spamming low-cooldown spells will deal enough damage to Nocturne to render his shield useless.
  • Always remember, Nocturne Nocturne cannot target you with his ult if he can't see you. If you lose your vision, due to the effects of Paranoia Paranoia, try quickly hiding in the brush or stealthing to prevent his dash to you. Another alternative is to use Quicksilver Sash or Cleanse, which will remove the sight debuff while his ultimate is active.
    • Also, while under the effects of Paranoia Paranoia, you and your teammates can still see each other's map pings.
  • Try to stay close with your allies when Nocturne Nocturne uses his Paranoia Paranoia so you and your allies are prepared to fight him.
  • Never overextend when chasing Nocturne Nocturne. If you are also low on health and is attacked by turret, he will activate his Paranoia Paranoia and dash to you. This can result in your death.
  • If you are playing as Nocturne Nocturne and the enemy team also has a Nocturne Nocturne, using Paranoia Paranoia immediately as the opposing Nocturne does effectively makes his dash impossible, unless he is right on top of his target. Keep in mind that this tactic clearly costs you a chance to use your ult, but timing this technique can save a player near death.


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