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  • Sarah taking the name 'Miss Fortune' for bounty hunting references the old sailor myth that women on ships brought... misfortune.
    • Her given name Sarah שרה means "Lady, Princess" in Hebrew, from proto-Semitic arrat < root ɬ-r-r "to rule"[1].
  • Miss Fortune's first shipmate is called Rafen.
  • Miss Fortune is based on many real-life female pirates, especially Anne Bonny & Mary Read.
  • Miss Fortune's background resembles Inigo Montoya's from The Princess Bride.
  • 'Shock' and 'Awe' 'Shock' and 'Awe' were forged by her mother for Gangplank Gangplank, who later killed Sarah's family and destroyed the pistols.
    • Sarah later rebuilt them, became 'Miss Fortune', and finally avenged her family years later (but Gangplank Gangplank didn't truly die)


  • "Fortune doesn't favor fools!" references "Fortuna favet fortibus" (Latin: 'fortune favors the bold')
  • "I always shoot first", "Don't get cocky", "I've got a good feeling about this", and "Watch your mouth kid, or you'll find yourself respawning at home!" reference Han Solo from Star Wars.
  • In French localization her taunt references The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.
  • In Brazilian localization Miss Fortune says "Continue a andar" ("Keep walking") referencing Dory from Finding Nemo (both are voiced by Maíra Góes)


Classic Miss Fortune Classic Miss Fortune [S|L]
Waterloo Miss Fortune Waterloo Miss Fortune [S|L]
Mafia Miss Fortune Mafia Miss Fortune [S|L]
Secret Agent Miss Fortune Secret Agent Miss Fortune [S|L]
Candy Cane Miss Fortune Candy Cane Miss Fortune [S|L]
  • She is leaning on a Volibear Volibear plush.
  • There are multiple 20px Poro related objects in the splash art.
    • The wrapping on the present to the left contains poros.
    • A poro can be seen on the christmas tree above Miss Fortune.
    • A poro can be seen licking a stamp with Braum's Braum's mustache.
Cowgirl Miss Fortune Cowgirl Miss Fortune [S|L]
Road Warrior Miss Fortune Road Warrior Miss Fortune [S|L]
Arcade Miss Fortune Arcade Miss Fortune [S|L]
Captain Fortune Captain Fortune [S|L]
Pool Party Miss Fortune Pool Party Miss Fortune [S|L]
Star Guardian Miss Fortune Star Guardian Miss Fortune [S|L]


  • Miss Fortune hired Twisted Fate Twisted Fate to rob Gangplank Gangplank's warehouse while also tipping off Graves Graves about it.
    • Both men acted as a massive distraction so that she could make final preparations to land the killing blow on Gangplank Gangplank.
  • Between Burning Tides and Shadow and Fortune, Miss Fortune is purging Bilgewater of all those loyal to Gangplank Gangplank after the power vacuum his 'death' caused (she is sure she can make Bilgewater prosper if the people are united under her banner)
    • At one point before Gangplank Gangplank's 'death', him and Miss Fortune struck an uneasy truce in order to fight off the Harrowing, right on the shores of the Serpent Isles, in 'The Battle of Knife Straits'.
      • They were successful (despite heavy casualties and their combined fleet scattering), while farther south Nautilus Nautilus managed to fight off the rest of the undead.


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