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  • Master Yi dances faster the more total movement speed he has.
  • Master Yi's goggles and his sword can both be seen in the game's Mac Version trailer.
  • Master Yi and PantheonSquare Pantheon have the highest movement speed in the game (355).
  • Master Yi's current dance references the "Running Man" dance, while his prior dance before his visual update was a reference to the dance segment in Napoleon Dynamite (also shared with Katarina Katarina).
  • Yi (易) is Chinese for "change" & "easiness", merged from two Sino-Tibetan roots *lay "barter, exchange" [1] & *lwa(:)y "cost-effective, easy" [2], respectively.
    • As well as Japanese for "divination" (due to Japanese folk etymology of loaned Chinese compound verb 卜易, "to divine change"),
    • Also a pun on mastery.
  • Master Yi's title in the Chinese localization also dubs him as a "Sword Saint", a title given to most master swordmen in history such as Miyamoto Musashi.
  • Wuju Style Wuju Style was named after two Riot Games Inc. employees (Andy Woo and Jeff Jew).
    • In the Chinese localization, it is instead named as "Wuji" (無極, lit. Extremeless/Apolar/Infinite). Wuji is also represented by an empty circle atop the Taijitu (太極圖 lit. Great Poles' Chart), which includes the well-known Yin and Yang . His Wuju Style Wuju Style ability in Chinese is also dubbed as "Wuji Jiandao" (無極劍道, lit. Extremeless Sword Path), "jiandao" is also the pinyin reading of Japanese kendou.
  • Highlander Highlander was named after as well as references the eponymous franchise, with its cooldown reset mechanic possibly referencing the "quickening" effect.


Classic Master Yi Classic Master Yi [S|L]
  • "Progress requires only a blade... that produces more blades." is the counterpart to his regular goggles jokes (how many blades can protrude from his sword for every time he uses Highlander Highlander)
  • "Those goggles goggles are absurd" references his own goggles jokes.


Classic Master Yi Classic Master Yi [S|L]
  • He resembles Sam Fisher from Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell.
  • His sword is modeled after a ringed-Dao.
  • He has three different running animations.
  • A strange occurrence between all his skins is that whenever Yi basic attacks a target at the start of a match, he will repeat his outward slashing animation twice for the first two basic attacks.
Assassin Master Yi Assassin Master Yi [S|L]
  • He, AlistarSquare Golden Alistar [S|L], and White Mage Veigar White Mage Veigar [S|L] are the only skins priced at RP icon 390, making them the cheapest ones in-game.
  • The prior version of this skin before his visual upgrade was a mere black-and-white re-coloring of his original skin.
Chosen Master Yi Chosen Master Yi [S|L]
Ionia Master Yi Ionia Master Yi [S|L]
  • His outfit resembles IreliaSquare Irelia's (might be indicating this is him as a member of the Ionian guard).
  • The Ionian crest can be seen on his robes' tail.
Samurai Master Yi Samurai Master Yi [S|L]
Headhunter Master Yi Headhunter Master Yi [S|L]
Cosmic Blade Master Yi Cosmic Blade Master Yi [S|L]
Eternal Sword Yi Eternal Sword Yi [S|L]



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