The health bar, colored green, on top, and the Mana bar, colored blue, on the bottom.

Mana (also known as MP) is a stat that is the resource of many champions necessary to cast most of their abilities. The mana pool is represented by a blue bar below the green health bar and two numbers ( # / # ) in the middle of it. The first one is your current amount of mana and the second refers to the maximum amount you can store.

Each champion that uses mana starts with a certain base mana, which increases by a small amount at each level-up.

Maximum mana can be increased with items, abilities and runes, it stacks additively, and each bonus point acquired directly affects its statistic.

Mana passively regenerates over time and can be restored through various means. See mana regeneration.

Gold Value

  • Mana has a gold value of Gold.png 1.4 per point.


Some champions do not use mana as their secondary bar, these champions are referred to as manaless. See manaless.

Mana as scaling

Champion abilities



Increasing mana


Item Cost Amount Availability
Hextech GLP-800 Hextech GLP-8003000 Gold.png 400Common
Manamune Manamune2400 Gold.png 250Classic
Morellonomicon Morellonomicon2900 Gold.png 400Common
Muramana Muramana0 Gold.png 1000Classic

Champion specific items

Champion abilities


Champion abilities cost

The following champion abilities have a mana cost that decreases with rank or level.

Ability cost decreasing with rank

Ability cost decreasing with level

List of champions' mana

Manaless champions are not considered in this list.
The highest and lowest base mana champions.
Champion Level Top 5 champions Bottom 5 champions
Level 1 1. Ivern Ivern 450 mana 1. Kalista Kalista
1. Vayne Vayne
231.8 mana
2. Kayn Kayn 410 mana 2. Jinx Jinx 245 mana
3. Fiddlesticks Fiddlesticks 400.12 mana 3. Tristana Tristana 246.76 mana
4. Galio Galio
4. Gragas Gragas
4. Ryze Ryze
4. Sejuani Sejuani
400 mana 4. Master Yi Master Yi 250.56 mana
5. Kassadin Kassadin 397.6 mana 5. Darius Darius 263 mana
Level 18 1. Kassadin Kassadin 1536.6 mana 1. Udyr Udyr
1. Volibear Volibear
780.4 mana
2. Ivern Ivern 1470 mana 2. Tristana Tristana 790.76 mana
3. Janna Janna 1438 mana 3. Ashe Ashe 824 mana
4. Karthus Karthus 1409.48 mana 4. Kalista Kalista
4. Vayne Vayne
826.8 mana
5. Cassiopeia Cassiopeia 1405 mana 5. Pantheon Pantheon 844.12 mana


Last updated: June 18, 2017 – V7.12

Relevant mathematics:
  • Ryze's Ryze's mana = (8084.3 + 0.0005 × 585 × 8084.3 × 1.36) / (1 - 0.000015 × 8084.3 × 1.36) = 13531.914009513 mana

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