Loss forgiven (also known as Loss Prevented) is an element of League of Legends that forgives a loss when it happens during times of server instability, due to being outside of a player's control.[1] Severe bugs within the client that prompt in-client warnings and queue-disabling can also lead to Loss Forgiven.

The conditions of a loss forgiven are as follows:

  • Users will not receive a Loss or Leave from being in game or champion select.
  • Users will not lose League Points or MMR.
    • Also, those that won this same ranked match will only gain half of the League Points and MMR that they would normally gain.
  • Users will not get a lose when they are in promo series.
  • All users will receive all of the XP and IP that they are entitled to upon game completion.
  • Stats will be recorded and saved for games, but they will not count towards any lifetime aggregates, and will be labeled as such.

Players will not receive loss forgiven for personal connection problems, such as issues with your router or ISP, nor will losses be forgiven for freak incidents with the client (such as bug splats).


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