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This year’s Snowdown brings with it our next featured game mode… and a legend. The “Legend of the Poro King”. We’ve dramatically changed what fights on the Howling Abyss will look like, so let’s get straight into the rules:

Played on the Howling Abyss, Legend of the Poro King is a 5v5 Blind Draft game mode, where your goal is still to destroy the enemy team’s nexus. However, you’ll have some Poro companions with you (to throw at each other of course), be diving deep to make #bigplays and work together to summon some help from the legendary Poro King himself.

New summoner spells

When playing the Legend of the Poro King, your regular summoner spells are replaced with two new ones (Unsealed Spellbook Unsealed Spellbook does not allow access to regular summoner spells), made just for the mode:

Poro Toss / Poro Dash
RANGE: 2500

Active - Poro Toss: Throws a 20px Poro a long distance, dealing 30 - 200 (in base al livello) true damage to the first enemy unit hit. Poro Toss can be recast for the next 3 seconds after it hits an enemy to cast Poro Dash.

Active - Poro Dash: Your champion surges into the target struck by Poro Toss. Dashing to the target will reduce Poro Toss' cooldown by 5 seconds.

"Poros are a model of Runeterran aerodynamics."

Ability Details

Additional Information:

To the King!
RANGE: Global

Passive: Hitting an enemy champion with a 20px Poro gives your team a 20px Poro Mark. Upon reaching 10 20px Poro Marks, your team summons the 20px Poro King to fight alongside them. While the 20px Poro King is active, no 20px Poro Marks can be scored by either team.

Active: Quickly dash to the 20px Poro King's side. Can only be cast when the 20px Poro King is summoned for your team.

"Poros tug the heartstrings. The rest of you just comes along for the ride."

Ability Details

Additional Information:

Riot Games does not make responsible for the constant commitment of magnicide against his royal highness, but it's responsible of 20px Poros injured in the process by the wretched and soulless teams.

New Items

Poro King

The Poro King is benevolent and will aid whichever team has summoned him. He can be dispelled, but only to return again when enough favour has been curried with him. As a tanky siege minion, he brings an impressive power boost to whichever team he’s aiding. His powers include:

  • Tanky siege minion with a LOT of health. Let him be your front line!
  • The Poro King absorbs all Poros within his range being thrown by the enemy team, making him a powerful pushing force.
  • The Poro King will heal nearby allied champions every 5 seconds for health and a smaller amount of mana based on the team’s average level.
  • Every 5 seconds, the Poro King will lob out Poros in an arc around him, dealing magic damage to enemies where they land.
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