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  • Lee Sin was one of the first six champions designed (the others being Annie Annie, Singed Singed, Sion Sion, Sivir Sivir, and Twisted Fate Twisted Fate) [1][2]
    • Lee Sin is the only allegedly canceled champion reintroduced with his original name.
    • Lee Sin is the first champion to be redesigned and to be technically given a relaunch skin (Traditional Lee Sin Traditional Lee Sin [S|L]), although it was done prior to his actual release.
    • Lee Sin is the first champion to feature two 'Champion Spotlights' (an April Fools one and a real one)
  • Lee Sin is the second of eight champions to have more than four abilities (the others being Elise Elise, Gnar Gnar, Heimerdinger Heimerdinger, Jayce Jayce, Karma Karma, Nidalee Nidalee, and Rek'Sai Rek'Sai)
  • Lee Sin is the first monk type champion announced but the second to be released (after Udyr Udyr)
  • Lee Sin is the first non-ninja Ionian champion to use energy.
  • Lee Sin's dance references Shaolin Soccer.
    • A side-by-side comparison can be seen here.
  • Lee Sin was taught Dragon's Rage Dragon's Rage by Jesse Perring (yet the Blind Monk does not kick players off the map)
  • In the Chinese version, his name is written as 李青 (Mandarin: Lǐ Qīng).
    • 李 is a common Chinese surname meaning "plum;" also borrowed into Korean (Northern eumhun: Ri 리, Southern: I 이) & Vietnamese (Lí / Lý).
    • 青 means a seedling's color, "green"; later also "blue" and occasionally "black".
      • The official Riot's pronunciation /li: sɪn/ sounds similar to listen /ˈlɪsən/, yet not exactly homophonic.


  • Lee Sin and Soraka Soraka share the quote "Where am I needed?".
  • "Master yourself, master the enemy" might be referencing The Art of War by Sun Tzu.


Traditional Lee Sin Traditional Lee Sin [S|L]
Dragon Fist Lee Sin Dragon Fist Lee Sin [S|L]
  • He celebrates Lunar Revel 2012.
  • He references Bruce Lee (in last name, in mannerisms when idle, and his outfit references him in Enter the Dragon)
  • He was the first skin to get a Chroma Pack.
    • The Yellow variation likely references Bruce Lee's outfit in Game of Death.
Muay Thai Lee Sin Muay Thai Lee Sin [S|L]
Pool Party Lee Sin Pool Party Lee Sin [S|L]
SKT T1 Lee Sin SKT T1 Lee Sin [S|L]
Knockout Lee Sin Knockout Lee Sin [S|L]
God Fist Lee Sin God Fist Lee Sin [S|L]
  • This skin was inspired by Marvel's Iron Fist.
    • His appearance resembles Daniel Rand from TV Show Marvel's Iron Fist which was released just days, on Netflix, before this skin's initial release on the PBE.
  • This is his first skin where he isn't blind.
  • His appearance resembles Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender.
  • This skin may also have been inspired by the video-game Asura's Wrath, with Lee Sin's appearance closely resembling the game's protagonist, Asura.
  • He shares this theme with God Staff Jax God Staff Jax [S|L].


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