Kuo-Yen 'Xypherous' Lo is currently working at Riot Games Inc. as a Technical Designer of League of Legends. [1]


Skills: Philosophy + 12, Coding + 2.71828

Kuo's foray into design began at an early age, where he forged humble ASCII creations from archaic systems known now only to myth and legend. Eventually, he pursued more noble goals such as the craft of working on mods that never see the light of day though he assures us they were amazing. Following this, he pursued computer science degree at UCLA, doing both his undergraduate and graduate degrees there. His gaming background mostly includes twitch action, single player immersion games as well as the fine art of filling bars by clicking the same button repeatedly.

Special Ability

Circuitous Logic: Once a day when faced with a debate, you may roll 2d6's. You may choose either result. For the effects of this dice roll, consult the ability "Circuitous Logic" found in page 42 of your manual!

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