The Krug camp consists of one large 20px Ancient Krug and one medium 20px Krug. Killing the 20px Ancient Krug will spawn two medium 20px Krugs, and killing medium 20px Krugs will spawn two lesser 20px Krugs, for a total of 10 units. Killing this camp awards Gold.png Gold and Experience.

All additional units spawned will despawn after being out of combat for some time.

Experience granted

  • Killing the Ancient Krug grants 125 experience.
  • Having a jungle item (20xpx 20xpx 20xpx 20xpx 20xpx) grants an additional 50 experience, and for each level below the Ancient Krug's, you are granted an additional 50 experience.
  • Totaling 175 - 525 (in base al level difference) experience.
  • The first time that Ancient Krug is killed, it will grant 50% reduced experience. This penalty only apply on base experience, while the bonus experience from jungle item is always fully granted.


  • Without slows, the Ancient Krug has a movement speed of 185 (+17.5). When its 20px patience runs out its movement speed is increased by 20%, to 185 (+37).

Experience granted

  • Killing the Krug grants 35 experience.


  • Without slows, Krug has a movement speed of 285. When its 20px patience runs out its movement speed is increased by 20%, to 285 (+57).
  • Smite Smite can be used on medium monsters.

Experience granted

  • Killing the Mini Krug grants 7 experience.


  • Without slows, Mini Krug has a movement speed of 335. When its 20px patience runs out its movement speed is increased by 20%, to 335 (+67).
  • Smite Smite cannot be used on small monsters.


  • If you are counter-jungling, try to kill the Ancient Krug, it will split into the two Krugs. Then, kill the two Krugs which leaves behind four Mini Krugs. If you cannot finish the Mini Krugs, you can retreat, the Mini Krugs will despawn after being out-of-combat for a short period.


Patch History

  • Initial spawn timer reduced to 1:42 from 1:52.
V7.21 October 26th Hotfix
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where it spawned with less attack damage than intended at level 3.
  • New Effect: Medium Krug can now be Smited Smited.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where mini Krugs sometimes died instantly.
  • Bug Fix: Splitting audio is no longer audible through Fog of War.
  • Ancient Krug base attack damage increased to 80 from 60.
  • Krug experience reduced to 35 from 45.
  • Mini-Krug experience reduced to 7 from 15.
  • Now grants 50% less experience on first clear.
  • Krug camp now consists of one 20px Ancient Krug and one 20px Krug. When killed, the 20px Ancient Krug spawns two 20px Krugs (~60% less health). When 20px Krugs are killed, they spawn two 20px Lesser Krugs (~88% less health).
  • Total Krug camp reward increased to about 150% of other camps.
  • Removed: Granting 'Gift of Heavy Hands' buff upon Smiting Smiting
  • Spawn timer increased to 1:52 from 1:40.
  • Respawn timer increased to 2:30 from 1:40.


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