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  • Kennen possibly comes the on-yomi reading of 拳 ken "fist" and nen 燃 "ignite".
    • In Dutch & German, kennen means "to be familiar with".
  • Kennen's dance is an Airflare.



Karate Kennen Karate Kennen [S|L]
Deadly Kennen Deadly Kennen [S|L]
Swamp Master Kennen Swamp Master Kennen [S|L]
Kennen M. D. Kennen M. D. [S|L]
Arctic Ops Kennen Arctic Ops Kennen [S|L]
Blood Moon Kennen Blood Moon Kennen [S|L]
Super Kennen Super Kennen [S|L]


  • Kennen, AkaliSquare Akali, and Shen Shen are members of the Kinkou Order and work together in order to preserve balance in Valoran.
    • They are at war with Zed Zed and his Order of Shadows.
      • Kennen is willing to forgive the Master of Shadows should he be willing to seek redemption.[1]


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