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  • Katarina is one of few champions to have had their voice actors changed (the others being Anivia Anivia, Janna Janna, Karthus Karthus, Cassiopeia Cassiopeia, and Nasus Nasus)
    • Katarina's old voice-over had a more angry tone. It can be listened to here.
      • Her old taunt was "Remember, evil spelled backwards is live. No coincidence."
      • Her old joke referenced Danse Macabre.
  • "Why? Because I can" references Shawn Michaels.
  • Loading the client, going to her champion page, selecting 'Abilities', and pressing Ctrl + 1 will play a video where she says "Killing is my duty... fun is yelling 'surprise'!"


Classic Katarina Classic Katarina [S|L]
  • Her splash art shows her in mid-Shunpo Shunpo.
Bilgewater Katarina Bilgewater Katarina [S|L]
Red Card Katarina Red Card Katarina [S|L]
Sandstorm Katarina Sandstorm Katarina [S|L]
  • She has her own taunt animation.
  • She shares this theme with Sandstorm Ekko Sandstorm Ekko [S|L].
Slay Belle Katarina Slay Belle Katarina [S|L]
  • This skin's name is a punning on the sleigh bells to warn pedestrians of incoming horse-drawn vehicles.
  • The one she is going to murder in the foreground might be Garen Garen.
Warring Kingdoms Katarina Warring Kingdoms Katarina [S|L]
PROJECT: Katarina PROJECT: Katarina [S|L]
Death Sworn Katarina Death Sworn Katarina [S|L]


  • Katarina is Cassiopeia Cassiopeia's older sister while Talon Talon is their adopted 'little brother'.
    • The sisters and the Blade's Shadow are members of Noxian noble house Du Couteau, whose head (General Marcus, Noxus' finest assassin) is missing and presumed dead.
  • It is implied, suspected, and speculated that Katarina and Garen Garen had/have feelings for each other.[1]
    • Then there are those who imply it to the point of confirmation:
      • Tahm KenchSquare.png "Don't starve your heart, child child! Let me deliver you to him him."
      • Tahm KenchSquare.png "You You live by a code that'll never let you get what you want. Let me take you to her her."
      • 20px "No love is impossible, my god demands you follow your your desires."
      • 20px "Honor? Duty? Ha! What your your heart demands is all that matters."
      • 20px "Your Your finale will be a duet duet."
      • 20px "The always-enchanting tale of star star-crossed crossed lovers."


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