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Classic Karma Classic Karma [S|L]
Traditional Karma Traditional Karma [S|L]
  • "Onward always", "To conquer oneself is to conquer all", "Peace begins within", and 'I interrupted my meditation for this?" reference Buddhism.
  • "Guess what's about to hit the fan fan" is a double entendre.


Classic Karma Classic Karma [S|L]
Sakura Karma Sakura Karma [S|L]
Sun Goddess Karma Sun Goddess Karma [S|L]
Traditional Karma Traditional Karma [S|L]
Order of the Lotus Karma Order of the Lotus Karma [S|L]
Warden Karma Warden Karma [S|L]
Winter Wonder Karma Winter Wonder Karma [S|L]
Conqueror Karma Conqueror Karma [S|L]


  • Karma and IreliaSquare Irelia are two of the many Ionian Elders (members of the nation's ruling counsel)
  • SorakaSquare Soraka and Lee Sin Lee Sin are close friends of Karma's.
  • Karma sees Syndra Syndra and Zed Zed as threats that must be stopped. By force if necessary.
  • While sympathizing with Varus' Varus' plight Karma will not hesitate to act if the corruption festering inside the Arrow of Retribution were to run rampant across Ionia.


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