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Champion Select

  •  Play "Death to all betrayers."
  •  Play "All things have consequence."

Upon Starting a Game on...

Summoner's Rift
  •  Play "Turncoats, oath breakers and betrayers... we hate them all."
  •  Play "The blood of kith and kin stains their hands."
  •  Play "There can be no justice. Only revenge."
Twisted Treeline
  •  Play "Familiar suffering... we know this place."
Howling Abyss
  •  Play "The dead feel not the cold."


  •  Play "Traitors!"
  •  Play "It is time."
  •  Play "You will never suffer enough!"
  •  Play "We see their guilt."
  •  Play "Bleed, betrayer!"
  •  Play "You are condemned."
  •  Play "You have earned your fate."
  •  Play "So your treachery ends."
  •  Play "Pluck them from their reverie."
  •  Play "Know your folly."
  •  Play "Your death has been ordained."
  •  Play "We will claim you."
  •  Play "Be judged."
  •  Play "Our spear shall find you."
  •  Play "We have no mercy."
  •  Play "They disgust us."
  •  Play "None can evade us."
  •  Play "Retribution approaches."
  •  Play "Accept no contrition."
  •  Play "We shall pierce their treasonous hearts."
Upon Attacking Baron Nashor Baron Nashor
  •  Play "Abomination!"
  •  Play "The Baron must die."
Upon Attacking the 20px Dragon
  •  Play "You shall aid our cause, dragon."
  •  Play "Serpents are creatures of betrayal."
  •  Play "Bring the dragon down."


  •  Play "We are vengeance."
  •  Play "All things have consequence."
  •  Play "One thought drives us."
  •  Play "Promises must be kept."
  •  Play "We are set in motion."
  •  Play "We can be anywhere."
  •  Play "What is started will be finished."
  •  Play "Our task is unending."
  •  Play "Kalista... yes, that was our name."
  •  Play "Our hatred burns cold."
  •  Play "We never rest."
  •  Play "Know our pain, know our truth."
  •  Play "The wounds of betrayal never heal."
  •  Play "We remain true to our purpose."
  •  Play "We go where we are needed."
  •  Play "Nothing shall turn us from our path."
  •  Play "We are called elsewhere."
  •  Play "We - I - must remember."
  •  Play "Trust... is a weapon."
  •  Play "Nothing is more heinous than treachery."
  •  Play "We began as one."
  •  Play "Back to back, we stood."
  •  Play "We had a name once."
  •  Play "We trusted."
  •  Play "Why?"
  •  Play "This land was so beautiful... "


  •  Play "There will be no escape - I said no escape!"
  •  Play "We act as one - two - three - cease this!"
  •  Play "Nothing shall distract - hey, hey hey!"


  •  Play "We are not finished with you!"
  •  Play "Return our spear!"
  •  Play "You will be taken!"
  •  Play "You could never bear our burden!"
  •  Play "Let's see how many spears you can endure!"
  •  Play "Soft are the targets of our spears today!"
Taunting an Enemy Cassiopeia Cassiopeia
  •  Play "Serpent, we sense your disgrace."
  •  Play "You too shall have a blade in your back, snake."
  •  Play "No such snake shall go unpunished."
Taunting an Enemy Graves Graves
  •  Play "We taste your anger, Graves."
  •  Play "Graves, you have only to speak our name."
  •  Play "Give in to your hate, Graves."
Taunting an Enemy Karthus Karthus
  •  Play "You toy with powers you do not comprehend, Deathsinger."
  •  Play "Death is not solely your purview, Karthus."
  •  Play "Only a fool would embrace death, Karthus."
Taunting an Enemy LissandraSquare Lissandra
  •  Play "We see the course of your deception, Ice Witch."
  •  Play "Your duplicity ends here, Lissandra."
  •  Play "We see through you, Ice Witch."
Taunting an Enemy Twisted Fate Twisted Fate
  •  Play "Twisted Fate, your hour approaches."
  •  Play "You are a vile betrayer, Cardmaster!"
Taunting an Enemy Varus Varus
  •  Play "There is no loss greater than betrayal, Varus."
  •  Play "Your retribution lacks aim, Varus."
  •  Play "You have pledged yourself to a false agent, Varus."


  •  Play Kalista laughs.
  •  Play Kalista laughs.
  •  Play Kalista laughs.
  •  Play Kalista laughs.

Upon Casting Pierce Pierce

Upon Casting Sentinel Sentinel

Upon Casting Rend Rend

Upon Casting Fate's Call Fate's Call

  •  Play "To our side."
  •  Play "It is your turn."
  •  Play "Hurt them."
  •  Play "Claim your due."

Upon Buying...

Infinity Edge item Infinity Edge
  •  Play "Its edge is keen as the spear's tip."
  •  Play "So shall others feel the bite of steel."
  •  Play "This sharpens our focus."
Last Whisper Last Whisper
  •  Play "Our spears heed no armor."
  •  Play "Nothing can protect them from our retribution."
  •  Play "We will pierce their souls."
The Bloodthirster The Bloodthirster
  •  Play "Our need goes deeper than blood."
  •  Play "As they weaken, so shall we grow stronger."
  •  Play "Feed our cause."
Banshee's Veil Banshee's Veil
  •  Play "Foul sorcery shall not deter us."
  •  Play "We will not be impeded."
  •  Play "We will not be at the mercy of those who hide behind magic."
Blade of the Ruined King Blade of the Ruined King
  •  Play "Once, he was a noble king, until grief overcame his reason."
  •  Play "In the end, it was not his blade that stole our lives."
  •  Play "As once it symbolized hope, so now shall it incite despair!"

Upon Using The Black Spear The Black Spear

  •  Play "We have heard your plea."
  •  Play "Our retribution shall be swift."
  •  Play "Blood seals our pact."
  •  Play "Our fates are intertwined."
  •  Play "Do not forsake us, as he did."
  •  Play "The oath has been taken."
  •  Play "Vengeance is at hand."
  •  Play "The pact is made."
  •  Play "We are one now."
When an Oathsworn Ally Dies
  •  Play "You shall be avenged."
  •  Play "Your killers will be punished."
  •  Play "We shall bring your killers to their knees."
When an Oathsworn Ally Triggers Soul-Marked Soul-Marked
  •  Play "Our will is one."
  •  Play "Yes! Punish the betrayers!"
  •  Play "Our instincts align."
  •  Play "You strengthen us."
  •  Play "You share in our success."
  •  Play "We will remember your loyalty."
When an Oathsworn Ally is at Low Health upon Casting Fate's Call Fate's Call
  •  Play "It is not yet your time."
  •  Play "They shall not have you."
  •  Play "Our bond preserves you."
No Oathsworn Ally
  •  Play "The pact remains unfulfilled!"
  •  Play "We are unbound!"
  •  Play "Bind us!"

Upon Placing a Ward

  •  Play "We trust nothing to chance."
  •  Play "We are always aware."
  •  Play "We watch."

Upon Casting Recall Recall

  •  Play "Know that we shall return."
  •  Play "We must attend to other matters."


KalistaSquare SKT T1 Kalista [S|L]
  •  Play A crowd cheers.


  •  Play "Our spears are precise."
  •  Play "We never miss."
  •  Play "Our aim does not falter."
  •  Play "Thus is our vengeance exacted."
  •  Play "Your pain is no more than a trifle to us."
  •  Play "Feel our hate."


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