Jesse Perring is currently working as the Customer Support Specialist for Riot Games Inc., and more importantly as the best League of Legends player in the company.


Jesse Perring came from humble roots at the dawn of existence. Prior to the dawn of time and creation, he traveled to their ends, surveyed the results, and decided to grace them with his presence. At the inception of humanity, he invented popcorn, and has munched it while surveying their antics with general amusement and moderate meddling.


  • Jesse Perring is stated to have taught Lee Sin Lee Sin his Dragon's Rage Dragon's Rage move, though unlike Jesse Perring's it does not kick players off the map.
  • Jesse Perring once lost an arm but it grew back just like a starfish can regenerate a limb. The lost limb also regenerated a body of its own. No one really knows what became of the second Jesse Perring, but legend has it that he started living on a boat and made a career streaming League of Legends as an Udyr Udyr main with a technique he calls 'The Godyr'.
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