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  • Ivern knows and was maybe involved in 'the Kumungu Affair'.
  • Ivern travels with a squirrel called Mikkus, voiced by a Riot employee called 'Ampson'.[4]
    • Mikkus was intended to die in extremely early versions of Ivern's backstory (the development team were all very upset with Matthew 'FauxSchizzle' Dunn because of it)
  • Ivern was amongst the first Freljordians (therefore the first outsider) to set foot in Ionia after its centuries-old isolation from the rest of the world.[5]
  • Ivern's life goal is to succeed the God-Willow he struck down back when he was human. He is 'close' (a relatively long time from a human perspective) to completing this objective.[6]
  • Ivern is essentially immortal (but not invincible) [7]



Classic Ivern Classic Ivern [S|L]
Candy King Ivern Candy King Ivern [S|L]


  • Ivern sees almost all the forest creatures as friends (not so much Dragon Dragon) but he finds the Rift Herald Rift Herald scary.
  • As Ivern the Cruel, Ivern once led a rebellion against the Frozen Watchers and the Iceborn.
  • Ivern has been all over Runeterra, but he has yet to visit the Blessed/Shadow Isles, and is thus unaware of Maokai's existence.
  • Bard, Kindred, and Ivern are all familiar with each other on some level.
  • His many references to a scorpion alludes to the fable of a scorpion riding a frog to cross a river. While the frog swims across, the scorpion stabs the frog, dooming them both. The scorpion apologizes, saying he couldn't fight his own nature. Ivern mentions the scorpion when fights are inevitable


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