Ichor of Illumination was a consumable item in League of Legends.

Similar items

Crest of the Ancient Golem Crest of the Ancient Golem

  • Ichor of Illumination increases the energy regeneration by 0.5% of your maximum energy, per second plus 3 per second. This means that it will additionally regenerate from 4 energy per second (with the default 200 energy) to 4.21 energy per second (with 242 energy from runes).

Patch history


  • Removed.


  • Cooldown reduction reduced to 10% from 15%.


  • Duration changed to 3 minutes from 4


  • New icon

V1.0.0.150: Added

  • Gold cost: 500
  • Click to Consume: Grants 30-64 Ability Power based on champion level, 15% Cooldown Reduction, and a huge boost to mana and energy regeneration for 4 minutes.


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