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  • Gragas comes from Grágás (Icelandic: 'Gray Goose Laws') which in turn gave the eponymous vodka brand its name.
  • Gragas used to be the only Mage/Fighter champion as well as the only melee mage.
    • He is now a Fighter/Mage so there are no melee mages anymore (even though most champions with the Mage secondary role are melee)
  • His first title was 'the Cask Master' but was changed to avoid confusion with the Card Master the Card Master.
  • What appears to be Gragas' cask can be seen in the game's Mac Version trailer.
  • Gragas is the third champion to have 9 skins, behind Ryze Ryze and AnnieSquare Annie.




Scuba Gragas Scuba Gragas [S|L]
  • UrfSquare Urf's spatula can be seen in the background.
Hillbilly Gragas Hillbilly Gragas [S|L]
Santa Gragas Santa Gragas [S|L]
Gragas, Esq. Gragas, Esq. [S|L]
  • He references the eponymous courtesy title given to high-class people.
  • His bottle reads 'Responsibly' (as in drink responsibly) alluding to his high social status.
Vandal Gragas Vandal Gragas [S|L]
Oktoberfest Gragas Oktoberfest Gragas [S|L]
Fnatic Gragas Fnatic Gragas [S|L]
Superfan Gragas Superfan Gragas [S|L]
Gragas Caskbreaker Gragas Caskbreaker [S|L]


  • Jax Jax is Gragas' drinking buddy.
  • If the 20px Avarosan emerge victorious in the Freljord civil war AsheSquare Ashe and Tryndamere Tryndamere will become its new regents and, in thanks for his help, will lease Gragas the Avarosan Iceflow Glacier for 9000 years so that he may brew his Graggy Ice Graggy Ice.


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