For the health relic on Howling Abyss, see Health Relic.
For the health relic on the removed map Crystal Scar, see Health Relic (Crystal Scar).
File:Ghost Relic.png

Ghost Relics are located in the center of the jungle of the Twisted Treeline. They restore health and mana, energy or fury. Any champion can pick up a ghost relic by walking over them.

Ghost relics spawn at 3:00 and respawn 90 seconds after being picked up.


  • Grants 20% bonus movement speed that decays over 5 seconds.
  • Restores 94 - 315 (in base al livello) health.
  • Champions with mana restore 90 - 328 (in base al livello) mana.
  • Champions with energy restore 25 energy.
  • Champions with fury restore 10 fury.


  • The heal counts as self-healing and is affected by healing bonuses and healing reduction.
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