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Desert Trooper Garen Desert Trooper Garen [S|L]
Dreadknight Garen Dreadknight Garen [S|L]
Rugged Garen Rugged Garen [S|L]
Sanguine Garen Sanguine Garen [S|L]
Commando Garen Commando Garen [S|L]
Steel Legion Garen Steel Legion Garen [S|L]
Rogue Admiral Garen Rogue Admiral Garen [S|L]
Warring Kingdoms Garen Warring Kingdoms Garen [S|L]


  • It is implied, suspected, and speculated that Garen and Katarina Katarina had/have feelings for each other.[1]
    • Then there are those who imply it to the point of confirmation:
      • Tahm KenchSquare.png "You You live by a code that'll never let you get what you want. Let me take you to her her."
      • Tahm KenchSquare.png "Don't starve your heart, child child! Let me deliver you to him him."
      • 20px "Honor? Duty? Ha! What your your heart demands is all that matters."
      • 20px "No love is impossible, my god demands you follow your your desires."
      • 20px "The always-enchanting tale of star star-crossed crossed lovers."
      • 20px "Your Your finale will be a duet duet."
  • Garen is Lux Lux's older brother and their family name is Crownguard.
    • He deeply respects and loves his sister, but he fears that she might have magical abilities.
    • As their family name implies, they serve and protect the crown.
      • Jarvan IV Jarvan IV is Garen's childhood friend.
        • When the Exemplar was captured, the Might led the Dauntless Vanguard on a rescue operation, slaying Urgot Urgot in the process.
  • Garen and Taric Taric are long-time friends from the Shield of Valoran's days in the Demacian military.
    • Garen was furious at being convinced Taric Taric was wasting his talents as a warrior but he still believed in him.
      • When Voidborn killed the Shield of Valoran's squad, the Might sentenced him to endure 'the Crown of Stone' by climbing Mount Targon.
        • Little did Garen know, in becoming the Aspect of the Protector, Taric Taric has become the warrior he believed 'he was meant to be' (and much more)


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