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Captain Gangplank Captain Gangplank [S|L]


Classic Gangplank Classic Gangplank [S|L]
  • After surviving the attack, Gangplank is seen without his regular outfit and is heavily damaged from the incident.
  • His weapons can all be seen in his splash art including the keg behind his back and his signature orange crushed in his metal grip.
  • His prosthetic metal arm is attached to Dead Man's Plate Dead Man's Plate.
  • He might be referencing John Silver from Treasure Planet.
Spooky Gangplank Spooky Gangplank [S|L]
Sailor Gangplank Sailor Gangplank [S|L]
  • He might be referencing Popeye.
Minuteman Gangplank Minuteman Gangplank [S|L]
Special Forces Gangplank Special Forces Gangplank [S|L]
Sultan Gangplank Sultan Gangplank [S|L]
Captain Gangplank Captain Gangplank [S|L]
Dreadnova Gangplank Dreadnova Gangplank [S|L]


  • Gangplank and Illaoi Illaoi were on a relationship over a decade ago, but they went their separate ways.
    • After subjecting him to a Test of Spirit Test of Spirit in order to get him back 'in motion', the Kraken Priestess ordered the Serpent Islander chiefs to support the Saltwater Scourge in retaking Bilgewater.
    • Illaoi was Gangplank's first love.
  • Swain Swain and Zed Zed want Gangplank dead for stealing from each of them.
  • Miss Fortune Miss Fortune managed to overthrow and 'kill' Gangplank in revenge for him murdering her mother back when she was a girl.
    • Gangplank just thought of Miss Fortune Miss Fortune as the most persistent of bounty hunters (now the architect of his fall) always unaware she is the daughter of the gunsmith he killed when she refused to hand over the twin pistols the twin pistols he had commissioned in order to spearhead his rise to Reaver King of Bilgewater.
      • At one point the Saltwater Scourge and the Bounty Hunter struck an uneasy truce in order to fight off the Harrowing, right on the shores of the Serpent Isles, in 'The Battle of Knife Straits'.
        • They were successful (despite heavy casualties and their combined fleet scattering) while farther south Nautilus Nautilus managed to fight off the rest of the undead.


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