The First Win of the Day is a daily mission that grants a reward upon winning a matchmade game. After completion, the mission is once again available after 20 hours. The mission cannot become available during a game.

It becomes available at summoner level 15. [1]

First Win of the Day
  • Objective: Win 1 matchmade game.
  • Reward: XP 400 and Blue Essence 50

Patch History

V7.23 - November 29th, 2017
  • Experience granted reduced to XP 400 from XP 575.
  • New Effect: Now grants Blue Essence 50.
  • Reset time reduced to 20 hours from 22.
  • Reward changed to XP 575 from IP 150.
  • Is now considered a mission instead of a passive bonus.
  • Can no longer become available during a game.
  • First Win of the Day
    • Winning a matchmade game grants IP 150. Gaining the first win of day disables it for 22 hours.


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