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  • Draven takes after WWE wrestlers.
    • He himself is the product of his very own "Welcome to the League of Draven".[1]
  • Draven derives from Old English dræfend  "hunter"


  • Draven's unusual axes are an extension of his desire for recognition and fame, as observed by his outfit and moves.[2]


Classic Draven Classic Draven [S|L]
Gladiator Draven Gladiator Draven [S|L]
  • In the Italian client he has three special quotes referencing Gladiator.
    • "Al mio segnale, scatenate Draven!" ("At my signal, unleash Draven!")
    • "Date a Draven ciò che è di Draven... e anche tutto il resto!" ("Give to Draven what Draven owns... and everything else!")
      • This references "Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's".
    • "Ciò che Draven fa in vita, riecheggia nell'eternità... già." ("What Draven does in life, echoes through eternity").
  • He shares the 'Gladiator' theme with Jaximus Jaximus [S|L] and Viscero Xin Zhao Viscero Xin Zhao [S|L].
Primetime Draven Primetime Draven [S|L]


Classic Draven Classic Draven [S|L]
Gladiator Draven Gladiator Draven [S|L]
Primetime Draven Primetime Draven [S|L]
Pool Party Draven Pool Party Draven [S|L]
Beast Hunter Draven Beast Hunter Draven [S|L]
Draven Draven Draven Draven [S|L]
  • He celebrates April Fools' Day 2016 (Draven Day) by wearing a large bobblehead (of his own face) together with his Classic outfit.
    • He might be referencing Johnny Gat disguising as himself in Saints Row: The Third.
    • He might also be referring to the concept of having "a big head", which means that the person in question is very egotistic, a characteristic that Draven very much embodies.
  • He shares the double name theme with BardSquare Bard Bard [S|L], and Dr. MundoSquare Mundo Mundo [S|L].
Santa Draven Santa Draven [S|L]


  • Draven and Darius Darius are renowned as the 'Blood Brothers' (Draven being the younger one)
    • Draven looked up to his older brother for guidance.
      • They are competitive brothers, with both generally disapproving of the way the other goes about his life.


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