Effrem E. Doran is an unknown non-playable character in League of Legends, who is best known for his creation of three starter items.

Doran is the creator of Wukong's Wukong's staff staff, which is said to be "an unrivalled masterpiece." He is also the creator of the following items:


The Journal of Justice: Volume 1, Issue 18 sheds light to the lore behind Doran's story:

“What is the story of Doran and his trinkets that the League so frequently uses? Who was Doran? When did he live? Why did he create these items? I've always been curious as to the origins of these items I use so frequently in my matches.” – Summoner Afrasabi of Noxus

The story of Doran tugs at the heartstrings. They say Effrem E. Doran was born with a hammer in his hands and a forge in his heart. Every object he touched, he found ways to improve, and he knew that he was destined to be a brilliant artificer. At the age of 15, he was invited to the League with an offer to assume the role of Master Artificer, a dream come true and an unprecedented honor for one so young. However, fate had other plans. En route, his carriage broke an axle. When he leaned down to inspect it, he was kicked in the head by his donkey, a stern blow. He stumbled back onto the wagon, but when he arrived at the Institute of War he was a different boy. The kick had rendered his mind soft, but it hadn’t robbed him of his passion. He still wanted nothing other than to craft, but where once he may have created singular masterpieces, he now crafted... somewhat simpler items, and many of them. He is a kind, goofy, good-hearted soul, and he takes pride in the work he does. His items are daily selected by champions on the Fields of Justice, and he has a permanent home at the Institute.


  • It is likely that he has also created the Prospector items, as they are the Dominion counterparts of his other inventions.
  • His surname Doran comes possibly from Gaelic Ó'Deóradháin "descendants of exiles" < deóradh < Brittonic di-brogis < Proto-Celtic *di-mrogis lit. "away from the border"[1][2]
    • Effrem comes seemingly from Hebrew toponym,[3] tribal, & personal name Ep̄rayim אֶפְרַ֫יִם, from Proto-West-Semitic *piry- "fruit"[4]
  • It is mentioned by Ornn Ornn that he had "Taught Doran everything he knows."


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