Dark Star is a series of Parallel Universe skins in League of Legends, where champions are galaxy spanning entropic life forms. [1]


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As the Dark Star consumes, new Corruptants are born. Whether elegant or savage, these twisted forms emerge from the Singularity, eager to feed more to the inky, inescapable abyss.

Born out of the remnants of an advanced, once-magnificent system, Dark Star Orianna Dark Star Orianna [S|L] serves the Singularity with meticulous precision. She glides across galaxies in an endlessly horrifying performance, her only chorus the vast silence left in her wake.

A ruthless Corruptant from a barbaric realm, Dark Star Kha'Zix Dark Star Kha'Zix [S|L] is driven by a hunger that only grows as planets are devoured. Unable to sate the starvation, his endless hunt continues. [2]



  • This skin line is primarily inspired by the concept of a Black hole.
  • This skin line might be a reference to Aurelion Sol's Aurelion Sol's quote:  Play "The depths of space crawl with terrible entities. Pray they ignore this world."
  • This skin line is a thematic opposite to the Cosmic skin line, where Dark Star Corruptants destroy cosmic creations, Cosmic entities create them.


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