The Battle for Freljord is an event that occurs between the Freljordian leaders: Ashe Ashe, Sejuani Sejuani and Lissandra Lissandra.[1]

The event begins a seemingly random length of time after the following conditions have been met, and can only occur once per game:

  • There can only be one Freljordian leader per team that can do the quest. Having more than 2 candidates on one team will mean that only one of them will be chosen for the quest.
  • The champions involved must have a total of 20 Damage rating.png takedowns (sum of kills and assists).

The two Freljordian leaders are assigned to Damage rating.png takedown the other. The first to achieve this claims victory and is rewarded with a permanent buff called 20px Queen of the Freljord, and an ice crown floating above the winner's head.

The champions involved will say a unique quote at the start and end of the event.


  • Ashe Ashe
    • Event start:  Play "The fate of our people hangs in the balance."
    • Winning the event:  Play "The Freljord unites!"
  • Sejuani Sejuani
    • Event start:  Play "We settle this, here and now!"
    • Winning the event:  Play "I rule the Freljord!"
  • Lissandra Lissandra
    • Event start:  Play "At last, our ascension is at hand!"
    • Winning the event:  Play "The Iceborn rule Freljord!"


  • Ashe Ashe
    • Event start
      • Against Sejuani Sejuani: Sejuani cannot be reasoned with. Ashe must defeat her to build a better future for the Freljord.
      • Against Lissandra Lissandra: Lissandra is an abomination. Ashe must eliminate her to protect her people.
    • Winning the event
      • Defeating Sejuani Sejuani: Peace has been restored to the Freljord. Ashe will lead her people to a better future.
      • Defeating Lissandra Lissandra: The natural order of the Freljord has been restored. Ashe will lead her people to a better future.
  • Sejuani Sejuani
    • Event start
      • Against Ashe Ashe: Ashe's peaceful alliance must be broken. Sejuani must kill her and rule with strength.
      • Against Lissandra Lissandra: Lissandra is an abomination. Sejuani must crush her to purify the Freljord.
    • Winning the event
      • Defeating Ashe Ashe: Weakness has been purged from the Freljord. No one challenges Sejuani's rule.
      • Defeating Lissandra Lissandra: The Freljord has been purified. No one challenges Sejuani's rule.
  • Lissandra Lissandra
    • Event start
      • Against Ashe Ashe: Ashe is a powerful symbol to her people. Lissandra must kill her, so they will fall in line.
      • Against Sejuani Sejuani: Sejuani is too reckless and powerful to control. Lissandra must put her down.
    • Winning the event
      • Defeating Ashe Ashe: The Freljord tribes are under Lissandra's control. The rise of the Iceborn is at hand.
      • Defeating Sejuani Sejuani: No one is strong enough to stop Lissandra. The rise of the Iceborn is at hand.


  • When the event begins, there is a chime and players receive a "Quest Received" notification.
  • When the event ends a crown appears floating above the victors head.
    • This crown will not disappear when dead. It will appear along with the victor when she is revived.
  • This event is a reference to their lore, which tells that each one wishes to rule the Freljord, albeit through different means.
  • A bug was observed when a team has Ashe Ashe and Sejuani Sejuani while the other team has only Ashe Ashe. The former team will see the quest notification and hear the quotes for Ashe Ashe, and the quest will be completed if the former Ashe Ashe kills the latter Ashe Ashe, but the crown and buff will appear on Sejuani Sejuani.


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