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  • Azir is the first champion to have his first ability point restricted to a single one (Arise! Arise!) since it's required for the other two (Conquering Sands Conquering Sands and Shifting Sands Shifting Sands) to function.
    • He is also the second champion to be unable to rank up a basic ability at Level 1, the first being Zilean Zilean.
  • Shurima's Legacy Shurima's Legacy may be referencing the Egyptian solar disc god Aten [1] (depicted as a sphere emanating rays of light each ending with a hand) and titular god of the short-lived monotheistic religion imposed by Pharaoh Akhenaten. His son Tutankhamun later restored the polytheistic religion.
  • Azir's dance references Remember The Time by Michael Jackson.
    • A side-by-side comparison can be seen here
      • If Azir summons Sand Soldiers and then dances, they will follow him and dance all in sync.
        • His soldiers will keep dance in Azir's stead while if the player types '/dance' while Azir is recalling recalling.
        • If enemies cannot see Azir while he dances, his soldiers will not appear to dance to them.


  • Azir's development started right after patch V1.0.0.131 and went on for three years, eventually having to be pushed back due to his skillset needing to be reworked. [2]
    • His release was scheduled for patch V4.16 but had to be delayed six days due to numerous bugfixes.
      • A few hours after release he was disabled due to even more bugfixes being needed, finally being re-enabled the following day.
  • Azir's codename was SethSquare Seth, a Sand Mage that was expected to be canceled [3], possibly after the Upper Egyptian deity:
    • Upon release, his name resembles:
      • Egyptian theonym Wsjr > Coptic ⲟⲩⲥⲓⲣⲉ > Greek Ὄσιρις-Osiris, all from Ancient Egyptian wsr "strong"[4]
      • Central-Semitic noun *ʕĀðir > *ʕĀzir "he [who] helps" (> Hebrew עוֹזֵר ʕozer)[5]
    • He was more focused on sand magic at first, but was later shifted to more of a commander/emperor after Riot realized that was the theme/story they really wanted to capture with Azir. [6]
      • There was a Reddit leak in 14-May-2013 showing Azir's early concept, which was presumed fake up until his reveal.
        • One of the earliest Azir skillsets Colt 'Ezreal' Hallam worked on had an ultimate called 'Sand Hands' in which a pair of those would rise from the ground and, after a delay, move together pushing everyone between each other and squish them in.
          • Other themes included Sand Golem, Man with Sand Cloak, Sand-Bender Lady, Evil Sand Wraith, and more until Azir reached his current look. [7]


  • Azir was a benevolent leader, a kind dictator devoted to his people's well-being and prosperity. Though he got a little ahead of himself with the over-enthusiastic Ascension ritual, even that was done with good intentions, for he saw Ascension as a means to have Shurima grow and influence the entire world.
    • This desire was never derived from conquest, as Azir truly believes Shurima was the pinnacle of civilization and could only continue to prosper.
  • Azir currently wishes for the other city-states to join his empire so that they may benefit from Shurima's culture and way of life. This might prove difficult after being trapped in limbo for millennia, given the likes of Zaun are the antithesis to Shurima.
    • So for now Azir's motivation is to restore Shurima's glory. [8]
      • Back in the empire's heyday, Azir was popular with everyone. [9] This charisma might help him restore his people to greatness.
  • Azir's gauntlets have ribbon-like tassels to emphasize his regal status and to resemble embroidered robes which in turn represent feathers, cementing the bird-like appearance. [10]
  • When he was young Azir was taught ancient knowledge from Nasus Nasus and combat from Renekton Renekton. The Ascended brothers' teachings will prove useful for the trials ahead.


  • Azir himself heavily references the Dune franchise, specifically emperors Muad'Dib and his tyrant son Leto II. They are both associated with deserts and relentlessly pursue their vision of greatness for humanity, while also alluding to its inevitability.
  •  Play "What is a Baron Nashor baron to an emperor?" references No Church In The Wild by Kanye West.
    • The quote is likely still referencing the Dune franchise, with the baron being Baron Harkonnen whom Paul Atreides (Muad'Dib) defeated right before becoming emperor.
  •  Play "See what I see" might be referencing V for Vendetta.
  •  Play "Shuriman sands flow ever in our favour" references The Hunger Games.
  • Azir shares a quote with Aether Wing Kayle Aether Wing Kayle [S|L]: "Trust in my vision" | AzirSquare  Play / 20xpx  Play


AzirSquare Classic Azir [S|L]
  • He references Ra and Horus from Egyptian mythology.
  • The scene depicted is most likely moments after his Ascension, SivirSquare Sivir having long departed and Azir summoning his sand army to prepare to fight XerathSquare Xerath, with the newly-risen Shuriman capital and the Sun Disc Sun Disc in the background.
AzirSquare Galactic Azir [S|L]
AzirSquare Gravelord Azir [S|L]
AzirSquare SKT T1 Azir [S|L]
AzirSquare Warring Kingdoms Azir [S|L]


  • Xerath's treachery made Azir furious at his former soul brother betraying his trust to become an Ascended being and destroying Shurima in the process.
    • And yet Azir won't admit his ambition may have led him astray to begin with. [11]
  • Given EzrealSquare Ezreal's exploration of the Shurima Desert and robbing of an amulet from one of its pyramids, it's likely Azir won't be entirely fond of him.
  • Azir dislikes SivirSquare Sivir's graverobbing but does not resent her. She is family after all, and saving her from Cassiopeia's Cassiopeia's backstabbing meant everything at the time of his revival.
  • Azir is disappointed that a mighty warrior such as Renekton Renekton has been reduced to a rabid beast after being tortured beyond insanity for imprisoning himself with Xerath.
    • On the other hand, Nasus Nasus might be the only remaining Ascended that can help the Emperor.
    • Azir deeply respects Nasus, though the Curator looks down on him for his arrogance and for what his hubris did to Shurima. [12]
  • Azir doesn't seem to be aware of AmumuSquare Amumu's existence as of yet.


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