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  • Annie & Tibbers' names respectively come from a Riot Games Inc. Gameplay Producer's girlfriend and her favorite teddy bear.
  • Annie and her title of 'the Dark Child' draw inspiration from several sources:


  • Annie's joke may be based on Ralph Wiggum's nonsensical manner of speech from The Simpsons.
  •  Play "I'm rubber and you're... on fire!" references the first line of the popular children's rhyme 'I'm rubber, you're glue'.
  •  Play "Let's count to five!" references her passive Pyromania Pyromania and how after using four abilities the fifth use will stun a target.
  •  Play "Eeny, meeny, miny, burn!" references the children's counting rhyme 'Eeny, meeny, miny, moe'.
    • In the Latin American server, it was changed to "¿Onta bebé?, aquí está. Fuego" ('Where's the baby? There he is. Fire') referencing Diego from Ice Age.
      • In V3.10, it was changed yet again to "De tin marín de do, te quemé" ('De tin marín de do, I burned you') referencing the children's counting rhyme De tin marín de do pingüe...
  •  Play "Ashes, ashes, they all fall down" references the American version of the nursery rhyme Ring a Ring o' Roses.
    • In the Latin American server, V3.10 changed it to "Sol, solecito, quémense un poquito" ('Sun, sun, burn you a little bit') partially referencing a children's song.
  • Annie, EzrealSquare Ezreal, Evelynn Evelynn, IreliaSquare Irelia, and Thresh Thresh all share the quote This way.
  •  Play "Beaten by a little girl... ha!" may be referencing Dracula's statement when defeated by 12-year-old Maria in Castlevania: Rondo of Blood.
  •  Play "Come out, come out, wherever you are!" references The Wizard of Oz.


AnnieSquare Goth Annie [S|L]
  • She is one of the four Collector's Edition skins (together with AlistarSquare Black Alistar [S|L], Silver Kayle Silver Kayle [S|L] and Young Ryze Young Ryze [S|L]) and the only one still available for purchase (could only be obtained by purchasing said edition's digital copy)
    • At one point she was to be bundled to celebrate her visual update (coupled with the fact the Collector's Edition was outdated) yet it never happened and as a result she became the first skin sale to ever be denied to the public.
  • Her Chinese artwork might have influenced her visual update.
  • She shares this theme with AmumuSquare Emumu [S|L].
AnnieSquare Red Riding Annie [S|L]
AnnieSquare Annie in Wonderland [S|L]
  • She references Alice in Wonderland (Annie is dressed as the titular Alice and Tibbers as the White Rabbit)
  • This skin was a response to the player request to have Tibbers with a different appearance. It was classified as Legendary back when it was released, but features present in today's Legendary skins (modified ability particles, different emote or recall animation, new voiceover, etc.) are absent from this one.
  • She shares this theme with Mad Hatter Shaco Mad Hatter Shaco [S|L].
AnnieSquare FrankenTibbers Annie [S|L]
AnnieSquare Reverse Annie [S|L]
AnnieSquare Prom Queen Annie [S|L]
AnnieSquare Frostfire Annie [S|L]
  • Annie was originally going to have blonde hair.
  • Annie creating a circle of magic in the Chinese artwork might be referencing Fairy Tail.
AnnieSquare Panda Annie [S|L]
AnnieSquare Sweetheart Annie [S|L]
  • She resembles Shirley Temple.
  • Tibbers resembles one of the Care Bears.
    • It's the first skin where Tibbers doesn't appear menacing, lacking sharp claws or exposed teeth.
  • Tibbers' face resembles Pedobear's.
  • A statue of AmumuSquare Amumu can be seen in the background.
  • She shares this theme with SonaSquare Sweetheart Sona [S|L].
AnnieSquare Hextech Annie [S|L]
AnnieSquare Super Galaxy Annie [S|L]


  • Annie's parents were Gregori Mograph the Gray Warlock and Amoline Mograph the Shadow Witch. They are the founders and leaders of the Gray Order, a group of political and social outcasts who left Noxus to pursue dark arcane knowledge and who have since colonized the Voodoo Lands, Noxian boarder lands near the Ironspike Mountains.
    • Tibbers was hand-crafted by Annie's mother and is the only momento she has of her.
  • Annie's stepsister is named Daisy just like the Sentinel Sentinel Ivern Ivern summons. It is unknown if these two are related or not.


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