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  • Bandage Toss Bandage Toss' icon references Spider-Man from Marvel Comics.
  • Amumu is seen on a caution sign in the game's Mac Version trailer.
  • Amumu is the third champion to have 7 skins.
  • Amumu's dance references the Goth kids' dance in South Park.[1]
    • Both are in turn parodying classic 'Peanut's Dance', a bizarre shuffling dance performed by the characters from the Peanuts comic.
  • When Amumu dies, his pose is that of an Egyptian mummy with his arms crossed right over left.
    • This is a nod to him being a Shuriman boy prince in life.
  • Amumu's price range was lowered from IP icon 1350 to IP icon 450 in accordance with the release of his 'Curse of the Sad Mummy' music video.


  • It is purposely left ambiguous whether Amumu is an undead human boy or a Yordle one.
    • In-game evidence to support Amumu being a Yordle includes lines directed at him.
      •  Play 20px "A Yordle? Gah!"
      •  Play 20xpx "Why would I need a spirit's help? I am guided by Nagakabouros." (Illaoi's line when taunting a Yordle)
      •  Play 20xpx "I don't get Yordles. Too fluffy."
  • As shown in 'The Curse of the Sad Mummy' Amumu has traveled through Shurima, Bilgewater and possibly Bandle City, the Kumungu jungles, The Glades and the Voodoo Lands.


AmumuSquare Classic Amumu [S|L]
AmumuSquare Pharaoh Amumu [S|L]
AmumuSquare Emumu [S|L]
AmumuSquare Vancouver Amumu [S|L]
AmumuSquare Almost-Prom King Amumu [S|L]
AmumuSquare Little Knight Amumu [S|L]
  • He references the Arthurian legend The Sword in the Stone.
    • Yet Amumu breaks the sword instead of removing it from the stone.
  • This was Nika 'Nikasaur' Harper's first skin idea.[3]
  • In the Chinese artwork Amumu is shown with the sword in one piece, wielding it against Warwick Warwick.
    • A passed-out AnnieSquare Goth Annie [S|L] from her Chinese artwork can be seen glimpsed in the background.
AmumuSquare Sad Robot Amumu [S|L]
AmumuSquare Surprise Party Amumu [S|L]


  • Amumu was cursed in Ancient Shurima's time for reasons unknown and entombed. He has now escaped and is wandering the desert in search of a friend.


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