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  • Ahri's dance references “RunDevilRun” by Girls' Generation.
    • A side-by-side comparison can be seen here.
  • Essence Theft Essence Theft used to be called the same as Soul Eater Soul Eater (renamed shortly after release)
  • Spirit Rush Spirit Rush's icon displays Ahri without fox ears.
  • Ahri 'bunches up' her tails while running and when using Spirit Rush Spirit Rush (the latter doesn't happen in 'A New Dawn')
  • Ahri's name was decided by a poll held in Riot Games Inc.'s Korean website, featuring six options:
    1. 「 단비 」「 Danbi 」 ('savior', 'saving rain')
    2. 「 나비 」「 Nabi 」 ('butterfly')
    3. 「 루리 」「 Ruri 」 ('dazzle')
    4. 「 아리 」「 Ari 」 ('graceful', 'elegant')
    5. 「 초롱 」「 Chorong 」 ('glittering')
    6. 「 다솜 」「 Dasom 」 ('loving')
  • Some of her models, such as AhriSquare Classic Ahri [S|L] and AhriSquare Midnight Ahri [S|L], lack whiskers ingame.
  • Ahri 아리 could've been shortened from '아리땁다' Arittabda, from stative verbal stem aritta(b)- "be beautiful" & verbal suffix -da.


AhriSquare Star Guardian Ahri [S|L]
  • "I fight for love, justice and beauty! But mostly beauty." reminiscences Sailor Venus introduction speech.
  • "That was amazeballs." references Perez Hilton distinctive slang.
  • "I'm going to kill you. That's what the fox says." is a reference to the 2014 song “The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)” by Ylvis.
  • Her quote when attacking Warwick Warwick "Stop trying to make fetch happen." is a reference to the 2004 comedy film Mean Girls.
    • Her quotes "I can't help it if I'm a natural leader." and "I can't help it if I woke up like this." are references to Mean Girls too. The last one also refers to the 2013 song “Flawless” by Beyoncé.
  • The first sentence of the quote "Love will tear us apart... if the creatures from an alternate dimension don't first." is a reference to the 1980 song “Love Will Tear Us Apart” by Joy Division.
  • Her quote "The darkest night makes for the brightest stars." is similar to BraumSquare Braum's "The darker the night, the brighter the stars.".


AhriSquare Classic Ahri [S|L]
AhriSquare Dynasty Ahri [S|L]
  • Her outfit references a Hanbok.
  • She performs a traditional Korean dance.
  • Alongside AhriSquare Midnight Ahri [S|L], her face was changed to unify all of her splashes.
AhriSquare Midnight Ahri [S|L]
  • Alongside AhriSquare Dynasty Ahri [S|L], her face was changed to unify all of her splashes.
AhriSquare Foxfire Ahri [S|L]
AhriSquare Popstar Ahri [S|L]
  • She references Girls' Generation.
  • She has her own voice-over in Korean localization.
  • The 20px Blue Sentinel will dance if she does so near him.
  • Having both her and an enemy counterpart (no specific skin required on the enemy's part) dance near each other will cause a Korean phonetic symbol to appear in the enemy Ahri's orb.
AhriSquare Challenger Ahri [S|L]
AhriSquare Academy Ahri [S|L]
AhriSquare Arcade Ahri [S|L]
AhriSquare Star Guardian Ahri [S|L]


  • Ahri is a close friend with Wukong Wukong and this was confirmed by the League's official site. Probably because of their Vastayan race.
  • Xayah Xayah keeps a hostile attitude towards Ahri and calls her a "traitor". This is indicated in one of Xayah's Xayah's quotes against her suggesting Ahri betrayed her Vastayan heritage.


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