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Champion Select

  •  Play "Don't you trust me?"
  •  Play "Play time's over."


  •  Play "Shall we?"
  •  Play "Indulge me."
  •  Play "How tempting."
  •  Play "Don't hold back."
  •  Play "Tell me a secret."
  •  Play "Don't you trust me?"
  •  Play "I know what they desire."


  •  Play "Play time's over."
  •  Play "They're mine now."
  •  Play "It's too late for mercy."
  •  Play "Let's have some real fun."
  •  Play "No one will stand in my way."
  •  Play "They've exhausted their use."


Ahri manipulates her orb like a basket ball using her tails.
  •  Play "If you'd like to play with me, you'd better be sure you know the game."
  •  Play "Come try your luck, if you think you're in my league. (giggles)"


  •  Play "Should I make your pulse rise? Or... STOP! (giggles)"


Arcade Ahri Arcade Ahri [S|L]
  •  Play Plays a segment of her login music.


Upon Casting Recall Recall

Popstar Ahri Popstar Ahri [S|L]
  •  Play Ahri dances to a tune.
Arcade Ahri Arcade Ahri [S|L]
  •  Play Ahri plays a game on her arcade cabinet before entering it.

Upon Starting a Game

  •  Play "Come on Kiko, we're the life of the party."
  •  Play "The First Star doesn't control my destiny! I do."
  •  Play "The darkest night makes for the brightest stars!"
  •  Play "I don't want to think about the past. Or the future."
  •  Play "Falling in love. That's how a star falls."
  •  Play "A guardian gives everything they've got!"
Upon Starting a Game with another Star Guardian
  •  Play "Put your game face on, girls."
  •  Play "Star guardians are in it to win it."
  •  Play "Let's show'em what we're made of! Starlight!"
  •  Play "Starlight binds us."
  •  Play "Fight for each other! Nothing else matters."
  •  Play "A world without my sisters isn't worth saving."
Upon Starting a Game with an enemy Star Guardian
  •  Play "Time to Supernova!"
  •  Play "The frenemy of my enemy is my... friend? (Ugh) Something like that."


  •  Play "Hey! Kiko!..."
  •  Play "Oh, Cut it out!"
  •  Play "Ugh, Kiko..."
  •  Play "Oh, quit it Kiko!"
  •  Play "Uugghhh!"
  •  Play "Uh, hehe! Come here you little rascal!"


  •  Play 20px Kiko chirps.
    • "Right! They're all going to be cosmic dust!"
  •  Play "Have you ever been in love, Kiko?"
    • 20px Kiko chirps.
      • "Aww... That's sweet."
  •  Play 20px Kiko chirps.
    • "Winning first Kiko.... then Ice cream Sundaes!"
      • 20px Kiko chirps happily.
  •  Play 20px Kiko chirps.
    • "Kiko!! Such language."
  •  Play 20px Kiko chirps.
    • "Of course they look up to me. Half the time I'm flying."
  •  Play "Time to save the world!"
  •  Play "Let's light up the sky!"
  •  Play "Change is coming!"
  •  Play "Heavenly body coming through!"
  •  Play "I'm playing on nothing but heart!"
  •  Play "No one controls me!"
  •  Play "I don't accept destiny... I defy it!"
  •  Play "Starshine makes everything better!"
  •  Play "I can't help it if I'm a natural leader."
  •  Play "This star follows her own path!"
  •  Play "It can be a burden to shine so bright!"
  •  Play "Starlight is my spotlight!"
  •  Play "All I get is attention!... I was hoping for obsession."
  •  Play "(Giggle) Tails don't lie!"
  •  Play "Who's afraid of a little fighting?... I've survived gym class."
  •  Play "Loving too deeply. That's how a star falls."
  •  Play "I'm always chasing the moment!"
  •  Play "I think I need a new orbit."
  •  Play "They want to kill me or be me! Either way it's kinda all about me."
  •  Play "Love will tear us apart... If the creatures from an alternate dimension don't first."
  •  Play "I fight for love, justice and beauty!... But mostly beauty."
  •  Play "Starlight will prevail!"
  •  Play "You can't judge a girl just by how she looks!... Except for me, of course."
  •  Play "My soul is in the sky..."
  •  Play "Sometimes, we have to change the stars."
  •  Play "People follow stars, Kiko. But what do stars follow?"
  •  Play "Love and hope spring forth from the stars! That's worth fighting for!"
  •  Play "I can't help it if I woke up like this."
  •  Play "Speed of light? No problem."


  •  Play "Ugh. I do not have time for this."
  •  Play "By starlight!"
  •  Play "Hey! The starlight in my eyes is up here!"
  •  Play "Yes, I'm the popular one."
  •  Play "Hey, the stars called, they want you dead."
  •  Play "By the First Star, I will totally punish you!"
  •  Play "I will defend the stars!"
  •  Play "Come on and fight like a girl!"
  •  Play "I am stronger than starlight."
  •  Play "Put your heart into it!"
  •  Play "I was voted 'Most likely to kill you.'"
  •  Play "Wanna know a secret? Too bad!"
  •  Play "Ugh. You're going to fight me wearing that?"
  •  Play "I'll be nicer if you get smarter!"
  •  Play "I'm so over this!"
  •  Play "I've totally got this."
  •  Play "You need to lighten up!"
  •  Play "I don't mean to tease, it's just so easy!"
  •  Play "Awww, did you want my attention?"
  •  Play "Yeah, keep chasing stars. See where that gets you."
  •  Play "Me looking for trouble is like you chasing my tail!"
  •  Play "I'm smiling because I'm going to hit you in the face!"
  •  Play "You're kinda cute when you're losing."
  •  Play "Here's a twinkle in your eye."
  •  Play "Your inner star is an ugly colour."
  •  Play "Ew! I don't like you."
  •  Play "Why yes, I did just fall from heaven!"
  •  Play "Petty is so close to pretty... just not close enough."
  •  Play "There's a black hole where your personality should be."
  •  Play "I'm the first and LAST star you'll see tonight!"
  •  Play "This is how you know I like you."
  •  Play "Wanna see something cute?"
  •  Play "I'm going to kill you. That's what the fox says."
  •  Play "Kiko here tells me you're full of it!"
  •  Play "Go get'em, Kiko!"
  •  Play "Let's show'em starlight, Kiko!"
  •  Play "You're such a show off, Kiko!"
Upon Attacking an Enemy Star Guardian Ezreal Star Guardian Ezreal [S|L]
  •  Play "Time to grow up star boy."
Upon Attacking an Enemy Star Guardian Janna Star Guardian Janna [S|L]
  •  Play "All that sparkle and still no personality."
Upon Attacking an Enemy Star Guardian Jinx Star Guardian Jinx [S|L]
  •  Play "There's more at stake than glitter bombs."
  •  Play "You're gonna need to turn the psycho wayyy down."
Upon Attacking an Enemy Star Guardian Lulu Star Guardian Lulu [S|L]
  •  Play "Hey! Your crazy is showing."
Upon Attacking an Enemy Star Guardian Lux Star Guardian Lux [S|L]
  •  Play "Nice planet you've got here Lux."
  •  Play "Before you judge, remember... I am your future."
Upon Attacking an Enemy Star Guardian Miss Fortune Star Guardian Miss Fortune [S|L]
  •  Play "Nothing personal Sarah."
Upon Attacking an Enemy Star Guardian Poppy Star Guardian Poppy [S|L]
  •  Play "I just can't even."
Upon Attacking an Enemy Star Guardian Soraka Star Guardian Soraka [S|L]
  •  Play "Innocence is going to get you killed."
Upon Attacking an Enemy Star Guardian Syndra Star Guardian Syndra [S|L]
  •  Play "I'm not doing this for you."
Upon Attacking Baron Nashor Baron Nashor
  •  Play "Playtime's over Baron!"
Upon Attacking the 20px Dragon
  •  Play "Ugh, total dragon breath."
  •  Play "Someone tutor me in algebra while we slay this dragon."
Upon Attacking an Enemy Evelynn Evelynn
  •  Play "You look like one of those girls who hang out under the bleachers."
Upon Attacking an Enemy Urgot Urgot
  •  Play "O. M. G. It can speak."
Upon Attacking an Enemy Warwick Warwick
  •  Play "If I throw a stick will you leave?"
  •  Play "Stop trying to make fetch happen..."
Upon Attacking an Enemy Xayah Xayah
  •  Play "Your boyfriend called, again..."


Ahri plays with Kiko using her tails.


  •  Play "Magical Girl Make-up tip: Moisturize with the tears of your enemies."
  •  Play "If looks could kill, you'd already be dead."
Upon an Enemy Champion Taunting Nearby
  •  Play "Eat stardust! Maybe then you can be pretty on the inside!"
  •  Play "Thanks for oversharing."
  •  Play "You can't throw shade on a star!"
  •  Play "Oh, don't worry! I'm way out of your league."
  •  Play "Oh I've heard you! I just don't care!"
  •  Play "How about a line I haven't heard? Then I'll be impressed."
  •  Play "Talk to the tails cause this fox isn't listening."
  •  Play "I'm a little busy... can I ignore you later?"
  •  Play "Ugh, puh-lease!"


Upon Killing an Enemy Champion

  •  Play 20px Kiko chirps.
    • "Oh Kiko... You can dance on the corpse of the next one."
  •  Play 20px Kiko chirps.
    • "No Kiko, they dress that way on purpose."
  •  Play "Everyone sparkles, I'm just a tiny bit brighter!"
  •  Play "Young love never lasts."
  •  Play "Learn to take a hint."
  •  Play "(Giggle) My bad!"
  •  Play "Next time, I'll try caring! I promise."
  •  Play "That was totally worth it!"
  •  Play "I love the sound you make when you shut up."
  •  Play "How embarassing. For you."
  •  Play "Too bad, so sad."
  •  Play "Overreact much?"
  •  Play "Chase the light, and you're going to get burned!"
  •  Play "Bad choices make the best stories."
  •  Play "Jealousy is an illness. Hope you get better soon."
  •  Play "I know, that was totes unfair!"
  •  Play "I'm the girl your team told you not to worry about."
  •  Play "Aww, sad face... just kidding."
  •  Play "Jealous much?"
  •  Play "How tragic."
  •  Play "I totally meant that."
  •  Play "Looks like someone forgot how to be awesome."
  •  Play "Keep trying! You'll get there."
  •  Play "That's not swagger! That's sparkle."
  •  Play "(Giggle) Oops!"
  •  Play "Being bad feels preety good, huh?"
  •  Play "No regrets..."
  •  Play "Not everyone has what it takes."
  •  Play "Don't lose your sparkle!"
  •  Play "It takes more than stardust to get this right."
  •  Play "True stars defy darkness!"
  •  Play "Crushed it!"
  •  Play "You were dulling my twinkle."
  •  Play "(Giggle) That was sooo much fun!"
  •  Play "Don't like me? I'll try to remember to cry about it later."
  •  Play "Go ahead. Eat your heart out."
  •  Play "Done-zo!"
  •  Play "I don't think death is your colour!"
  •  Play "That was amaze-balls!"
  •  Play "Haters gonna hate."
Upon Scoring First Blood
  •  Play "The best defense is a good offense."
Upon Scoring a Quadrakill
  •  Play "Just one more!"
Upon Scoring a Pentakill
  •  Play "It's hard to be humble when you've got this much sparkle!"
  •  Play "Hashtag Killing it!"
Killing an Enemy Star Guardian
  •  Play "Burning bright has a price."
  •  Play "Next time, burn brighter."
  •  Play "Some stars were meant to fall!"
  •  Play "All stars burn out eventually."
  •  Play "Some stars have it, some don't."
Killing an Enemy Star Guardian Ezreal Star Guardian Ezreal [S|L]
  •  Play "I guess you couldn't hang with the cool kids!"
Killing an Enemy Star Guardian Janna Star Guardian Janna [S|L]
  •  Play "It's not the big lies that tear us apart, Janna! It's the little secrets."
Killing an Enemy Star Guardian Jinx Star Guardian Jinx [S|L]
  •  Play "Just a rebel without a cause..."
Killing an Enemy Star Guardian Lulu Star Guardian Lulu [S|L]
  •  Play "Not everything is starshine and rainbows..."
Killing an Enemy Star Guardian Lux Star Guardian Lux [S|L]
  •  Play "Suck it up, Starlight."
  •  Play "Being a good girl can get you killed!"
  •  Play "We're not sisters, just strangers with memories."
  •  Play "You were never alone."
Killing an Enemy Star Guardian Miss Fortune Star Guardian Miss Fortune [S|L]
  •  Play "Sorry, sister."
Killing an Enemy Star Guardian Poppy Star Guardian Poppy [S|L]
  •  Play "Lemme guess, hammer?"
Killing an Enemy Star Guardian Soraka Star Guardian Soraka [S|L]
  •  Play "Sacrifice was always in your destiny!"
  •  Play "So pure... So bright..."
  •  Play "Destiny is crueler than you can imagine."
Killing an Enemy Star Guardian Syndra Star Guardian Syndra [S|L]
  •  Play "Mystery did have its charm... just not enough."
  •  Play "There are no good girls gone wrong. Just bad girls found out."
Killing an Enemy Ahri Ahri
Killing an Enemy Urgot Urgot
  •  Play "For the last time, the sparkles are for Star Guardians!"

Upon Using Fox-Fire Fox-Fire

  •  Play "Starlight Reflection!"
  •  Play "Time to ignite some stardust!"
  •  Play "Stardust power activate!"
  •  Play "Let's light'em up!"

Upon Using Charm Charm

  •  Play "Hey there!"
  •  Play "Charmed, I'm sure."
  •  Play "Oh, you're cute. What a waste."
  •  Play "Come closer..."
  •  Play "Let's be young forever...!"
  •  Play "Maybe I like you, maybe not."
  •  Play "Being bad does have its charms."
  •  Play "Let's pretend this is love."
  •  Play "This will make your heart go Supernova."

Upon Using Spirit Rush Spirit Rush

  •  Play "Say hello to your teen dream."
  •  Play "Kiko Spirit Dash!"
  •  Play "Maximum sass achieved!"

Upon Using a Potion Potion

  •  Play "Yum... strawberry!"
  •  Play "Totally worth the calories!"
  •  Play "Star guardians gotta stay hydrated!"

Upon Placing a Ward

  •  Play "The stars see everything!"
  •  Play "Time for a fox-eye view!"
  •  Play "Eyes on the prize!"

Upon Death

  •  Play "Goodbye... Kiko..."
  •  Play "Tell them... I tried..."
  •  Play Death cry 1
  •  Play Death cry 2

Upon Respawning

  •  Play "Come on Kiko! Time to play!"
  •  Play "Seize the day! Starlight doesn't last forever."
  •  Play "My fight isn't over!"
  •  Play "Stars don't quit! We're reborn!"
  •  Play "Good girls get even!"

Upon Casting Recall Recall

  •  Play A voice plays.
    •  Play "(Giggle) Just a fox on the run!"
    •  Play "Byeee!"
    •  Play "I'm just too magical for this. Laters!"
    •  Play "Destiny can't catch me."
    •  Play "(Giggle) Shine on!"

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