Active ability items are items that have an effect that may be activated by clicking on its icon or by pressing its assigned hotkey. Items can be clicked and dragged to different squares on the HUD in-game, allowing for greater control over hotkey usage.

See also: consumable items.


  • Selling an item with a unique active on cooldown, then rebuying it, will not reset the cooldown to its full duration, nor will it replenish the active. Its cooldown is constantly tracked in the background, ticking down even while the item isn't in the inventory. For instance, after selling Blade of the Ruined King Blade of the Ruined King while it has 50 seconds left on its active cooldown, waiting 30 seconds, then purchasing it again, it will still have 20 seconds remaining.
  • Using an item ability will interrupt channelled abilities such as Katarina's Katarina's Death Lotus Death Lotus.

Item actives

Affect yourself only

Affect allies only

Affect either yourself or an ally

Affect both yourself and allies

Affect enemies only

Affect both yourself and enemies

Affect yourself, allies and enemies

Affect nobody


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