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Cleaned up Skin's and Trivia.

Over the last week I have completed cleaning up the Skin's and Trivia section. All references that start or include "could be a reference to", "May be a reference to", "Might be", "May resemble" etc have been removed. What is left falls into one of three categories:

  1. Actual Trivia. Examples would be things like "was part of the Ionian vs Noxus match" or "This skill is is the only. . ." Basically trivia that is easily verifiable and factual.
  2. Cited trivia Trivia that has a cited source that is relevant to League of Legends or the character. Citing similarities to a Dota/anime/pokemon/warhammer character does not fall into this category. Citing a source in which the Game designer said they were inspired by a Dota/anime/pokemon/warhamer character does.
  3. Indisputable Pop Culture Reference Mr. Mundoverse skin is obviously a play on Mr. Universe, no reference needed. However if there are more than one this becomes null and void. Rammus's powerball resembling Samus Aran AND Sonic the Hedgehog excludes both. At that point it simply resembles a character in the powerball rolling genre.

I am proposing that we make this the official (Or officially unofficial) standard in which we add Trivia to the Character's Trivia page. The haphazard adding of whatever a 7 year old mind can regurgitate is not credible. Each character is not a Rorschach test in which each wiki reader records their results on the Trivia page. The fact that we have no guidelines for that page has degraded the information that is presented. Asperon Thorn 23:05, October 13, 2011 (UTC)

PS I'll leave it to one of the people that are OCD to clean up the way a vote is suppose to go nowadays.


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