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The Hitman and the Seer

This template contains various independently retrievable data items about Aphelios' Aphelios' The Hitman and the Seer The Hitman and the Seer in the form of parameter values of a variable template of choice, in a standardized fashion.


Sablon:Data Aphelios/The Hitman and the Seer

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Parameter Value Description
1 The Hitman and the Seer Necessary: Used for identification.
disp_name Name of the ability
Only necessary if the value differs from The Hitman and the Seer.
champion Aphelios champion
skill I skill
range range (deprecated)
target range target range
attack range attack range
travel distance travel distance
collision radius collision radius
effect radius effect radius
width width
angle angle
inner radius inner radius
tether radius tether radius
speed speed
cast time cast time
cost cost
costtype costtype
static static
cooldown cooldown
ontargetcd ontargetcd
ontargetcdstatic ontargetcdstatic
recharge recharge
rechargestatic rechargestatic
customlabel customlabel
custominfo custominfo
icon The Hitman and the Seer.png icon
blurb Innate: Aphelios Aphelios wields 5 Lunari Weapons made by his sister Alune. He has access to two at a time: main weapon and off-hand weapon. Each weapon has a unique Basic Attack.png basic attack and active ability. blurb
blurb2 Moonlight: Attacks and abilities consume a weapon's ammo. When out of ammo, Aphelios Aphelios discards the weapon to the reserve and Alune summons the next of the 5. blurb2
description Innate: Aphelios has access to an arsenal of 5 Moonstone Weapons, created by his sister Alune. He equips two weapons at any one time, one as his main weapon and one as his off-hand. Each weapon has a unique basic attack and passive effect. description
leveling leveling
icon2 icon2
description2 Aphelios begins the game with Calibrum Calibrum as his main weapon and Severum Severum in his off-hand, with Gravitum Gravitum, Infernum Infernum, and Crescendum Crescendum queued in reserve. The queue order can be rearranged based on weapon usage. description2
leveling2 leveling2
icon3 The Hitman and the Seer 2.png icon3
description3 Innate - Moonlight: Weapons spawn with 50 Moonlight for ammunition, which is consumed on basic attacks or to cast his abilities abilities. Abilities that cause Aphelios to attack do not cost additional Moonlight on top of their ability cost. Once his main weapon is exhausted of Moonlight, it is moved to the end of the queue and Aphelios channels for 1 second to equip the next available weapon from his reserve. description3
leveling3 leveling3
icon4 icon4
description4 Innate - Weapon Master: Aphelios cannot improve his abilities with skill points. He starts the game with Phase Phase and gains access to abilities abilities at level 2. He gains access to Moonlight Vigil Moonlight Vigil at level 6, which improves automatically at levels 11 and 16. Instead, Aphelios may spend his skill points to gain Attack damage icon.png bonus attack damage, Attack speed icon.png bonus attack speed or Armor penetration icon.png lethality. description4
Bonus Attack Damage:
4 / 8 / 12 / 16 / 20 / 24
Bonus Attack Speed:
6 / 12 / 18 / 24 / 30 / 36%
2 / 4 / 6 / 8 / 10 / 12
icon5 icon5
description5 description5
leveling5 leveling5
targeting Passive Permafrost is a single target ability.
affects Self Permafrost affects enemy champions and large monsters
damagetype Permafrost deals magic damage.
spelleffects spelleffects
onhiteffects onhiteffects can be set to 'true', for abilities that apply on-hit effects (from items or other abilities)
occurrence occurrence can either be set to 'hit' or 'attack', and refers to on-hit effects
spellshield spellshield can either be set to true, or written with a custom description.
projectile true
callforhelp callforhelp determines whether minion aggro will transfer to the caster
additional Displays additional information in a smaller window below the template.
notes * The level up for the bonus attack damage, attack speed, and armor penetration have hotkeys Q, W, E, respectively.
    • Assigning points does not follow the same rules as conventional point expenditure. The quickest you can get an individual statistic to rank-6 is by assigning points at 1 / 2 / 3 / 5 / 7 / 9.
  • An ammunition counter will appear to the right side of the screen at 10 or less Moonlight.
  • Abilities can still be used with less than the required amount of Moonlight, consuming all remaining Moonlight in the process.
  • Runaan's Hurricane Runaan's Hurricane does not consume additional Moonlight for his basic attacks.
  • The icon for this ability changes based on the active skin and functions as Alune's portrait, similarly to Aphelios' portrait.
Displays additional information with effect table to the right.
flavorsound flavor sound
video video
video2 video 2
yvideo YouTube video
yvideo2 YouTube video 2

All ability data templates use the same parameter. Until here the documentation is automatically generated by Template:Ability data.