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This template contains various independently retrievable data items about Aphelios' Aphelios' Duskwave Duskwave in the form of parameter values of a variable template of choice, in a standardized fashion.


Sablon:Data Aphelios/Duskwave

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Parameter Value Description
1 Duskwave Necessary: Used for identification.
disp_name Name of the ability
Only necessary if the value differs from Duskwave.
champion Aphelios champion
skill Q skill
range range (deprecated)
target range 650 target range
attack range attack range
travel distance travel distance
collision radius collision radius
effect radius effect radius
width width
angle 40° angle
inner radius inner radius
tether radius tether radius
speed speed
cast time 0.4 cast time
cost 10 Moonlight + 60 cost
costtype Mana costtype
static static
cooldown 9 − 6 (based on level) cooldown
ontargetcd ontargetcd
ontargetcdstatic ontargetcdstatic
recharge recharge
rechargestatic rechargestatic
customlabel customlabel
custominfo custominfo
icon Duskwave.png icon
blurb Active: Aphelios Aphelios unleases a wave of energy in a cone, dealing physical damage to all enemies hit and locking on to each of them. After a delay he Basic Attack.png basic attack all locked targets. blurb
blurb2 blurb2
description Infernum Infernum - Active: Aphelios unleashes a wave of energy in a cone, dealing 25 − 65 (based on level) (+ 56% − 80% (based on level) bonus AD) (+ 70% AP) physical damage to all enemies hit and locking on to each of them. After a delay, Aphelios then fires a volley of attacks from his current off-hand weapon, dealing 100% AD physical damage, affected by Critical strike icon.png critical strike modifiers, and applying on-hit effects at each locked-on enemy. There is no Range icon.png range limit for locked-on targets. description
leveling leveling
icon2 icon2
description2 description2
leveling2 leveling2
icon3 icon3
description3 description3
leveling3 leveling3
icon4 icon4
description4 description4
leveling4 leveling4
icon5 icon5
description5 description5
leveling5 leveling5
targeting Direction Permafrost is a single target ability.
affects Enemies Permafrost affects enemy champions and large monsters
damagetype Physical Permafrost deals magic damage.
spelleffects special spelleffects
onhiteffects onhiteffects can be set to 'true', for abilities that apply on-hit effects (from items or other abilities)
occurrence occurrence can either be set to 'hit' or 'attack', and refers to on-hit effects
spellshield True spellshield can either be set to true, or written with a custom description.
projectile True true
callforhelp callforhelp determines whether minion aggro will transfer to the caster
additional Displays additional information in a smaller window below the template.
notes * The volley applies Katarina Death Lotus.png area damage and the follow up attacks from the off-hand weapon deal Basic Attack.png basic damage.
  • Duskwave is always cast from the original casting position.
  • The hitbox also includes a very small portion behind Aphelios's character model.
  • Duskwave's name is modified based on Aphelios' off-hand weapon:
    • Precision Duskwave Precision Duskwave
    • Resurgent Duskwave Resurgent Duskwave
    • Binding Duskwave Binding Duskwave
    • Arcing Duskwave Arcing Duskwave
  • Aphelios is locked out of declaring attacks until the volley of attacks have been resolved.
  • The automatic attacks do not trigger any on-attack effects.
  • PENDING FOR TEST: Volley of attacks' interaction with parrying effects (Jax Counter Strike.png dodge, Shen Spirit's Refuge.png block, Blind icon.png blind).
Displays additional information with effect table to the right.
flavorsound flavor sound
video video
video2 video 2
yvideo YouTube video
yvideo2 YouTube video 2

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