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Rally was a summoner spell that was removed in patch V1.0.0.129. It allowed you to summon a ward that increases the attack damage of nearby units by 10-35 for 15 seconds.


Rally could be used to temporarily increase the damage output of your nearby team members, as well as provide an extra target to grab attention from turrets.



  • Unlike wards it could not be placed in a selected location, but it would be summoned directly in front of the direction your champion is facing.

Patch History


  • Removed.


  • Each unit now gains ability power and attack damage based on the caster's level, rather than each individual unit's level.
  • Fixed a bug where Rally Rally provided ability power whether or not you had the mastery.
  • Fixed a bug where Rally Rally was granting less ability power and attack damage than it stated.


  • Rally Rally now removes stealth when used.


  • No longer heals surrounding allied units.
  • Cooldown reduced to 270 seconds from 360 seconds.


  • Rally Rally now gives 10-35 Attack Damage, instead of 30% increased base physical damage.
  • Improved Rally Rally now gives 20-70 ability power, depending on level, instead of a 20% increase to base magic damage.


  • Flag no longer persists past death.


  • Base armor reduced to 15 from 25.
  • Made it dramatically easier to select.

June 26, 2009 Patch:

  • Armor reduced to 25 from 50.
  • Fixed a bug with Offensive mastery that gave Rally Rally a bonus 50 seconds (it now gives it a bonus 5 seconds).
  • Improve Rally Rally – Increases the duration of Rally Rally by 5 seconds. Improved Rally Rally also increases armor and magic damage by allies affected by it.
  • Added friendly/enemy tooltips.

June 12, 2009 Patch:

  • Rally banner made targetable (has 200 Health +25 × Level).
  • Range increased to 850 from 700.
  • Units such as Rally Rally banner should die faster.

April 25, 2009 Patch:

  • The Rally Rally banner is now invulnerable/untargetable.

Semana Alfa 5:

  • Base attack damage increase reduced to 30% from 40% and health restored per second increased to 4% from 3%.

Semana Alfa 4:

  • Fixed tooltip to reflect the correct functionality.

Semana Alfa 3:

  • Daño adicional aumentado de 30% a 35%.
  • Poder de habilidad adicional aumentado de 15% a 20%.

Semana Alfa 2:

  • Ahora otorga regeneración de vida.
  • Se han corregido unos errores de ortografía.
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