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This template replaces Template:Hot champion for transclusion on the home page. The template does not currently update semi-automatically using data stored in templates such as Plantilla:Current maintenance data.


|new     = <champ1>,<champ2>,<champ3>
|updated = <champ1>,<champ2>,<champ3>

Inputs are case sensitive, and should not be separated by spaces - i.e. ONLY commas. The template only supports three champions per section at this time.

The content is sized dynamically, including the images.

Uses the following images:

  • File:ChampionBanner.png
  • File:HotChampion.png
  • File:HotRelaunch.png
  • File:ChampionSquare.png
  • File:Champion OriginalLoading.jpg
  • File:HotTemplate.png

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