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This template contains various independently retrievable data items which need to be updated on a regular basis.


Data retrieval

To retrieve data, simply enter one of the parameters in the following syntax:
{{Datos de mantenimiento actuales|<Parameter>}}
OR {{dma|<Parameter>}}


List of all parameters
  • {{dma|Version}} Format: X.xx
    Current parameter value: 10.15
  • {{dma|VersionId}} Unique identification code (X.XX.X); Same code as the first entry in Data Dragon's version list.
    Current parameter value: 10.15.1
  • {{dma|NumeroTemporada}} Pre-Season or Season
    Current parameter value: 10
  • {{dma|PalabraTemporada}} Current (Pre-)Season as a number.
    Current parameter value: Diez
  • {{dma|TipoTemporada}} Current (Pre-)Season as a word.
    Current parameter value: Temporada
  • {{dma|InicioTemporada}} Start of the current (Pre-)Season in ISO 8601 format (YYYY-MM-DD).
    Current parameter value: 2020-01-10
  • {{dma|NombreProximoCampeon}} Name of the upcoming champion. If still unknown, just leave the last champion name instead.
    Current parameter value: Yone
  • {{dma|NombreUltimoCampeon}} Name of the last released champion.
    Current parameter value: Lillia
  • {{dma|TotalReleasedChampions}} Total number of all released champions. (Auto generated, if the numbers are off, check the CategoryTree to find any stray pages.)
    Current parameter value: 149

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