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Tryndamere OriginalSquare

This page documents the various independently retrievable data items about Tryndamere. This article is a relic of the previous system we employed that utilized data templates to perform the same function, but it remains as a hub for Ability data templates that exist as subpages of this page. All champion data pages can be found: Category:Champion data templates.

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Tryndamere BE icon 1350 Rp 585

Champion attribute background

Note that the client rates champions on a scale of 1-3, with champions that feature both None and Low in a particular strength being marked equally. In contrast, this Wikia uses a 0-3 scale for Toughness, Control, Mobility and Utility. Any champions listed as 0 can be considered a 1, officially.Damage - A champion's ability to deal damage.Toughness - A champion's ability to survive being focused.Control - A champion's ability to disable or disrupt enemies.Mobility - A champion's ability to move quickly around the map, blink or dash.Utility - A champion's ability to grant beneficial effects to their allies or to provide vision.Champion attribute overlay
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Champion attribute segment 1
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el Rey Bárbaro
Vida: 2292  
Regen. Vida: 23.8  
Furia: 100  
Alcance: 125  
Daño de Ataque: 132  
Veloc. Ataque: 2.298  
Armadura: 85.7  
Res. Mágica: 53.4  
Veloc. Mov.: 345  
Nivel 18
Slayer icon Escaramuzador • Melee role Cuerpo a cuerpo
Champion style basic attacks activeChampion style 10Champion style abilities inactive


1 Tryndamere Necessary: Used for identification
id 23 Riot's unique champion id in their API
apiname Tryndamere Riot's unique champion name in their API
title el Rey Bárbaro Champion title
resource Furia Content of secondary bar, usually a primary resource for abilities, but not vice versa. Also not a champion's resource, which refers to any resource (secondary, etc.). E.g. Mordekaiser has "shield" in resource bar, but his primary resource is "health".
fullname Lore character's full given name. This is used in the champion roster's search feature
nickname Other given names. This is used in the champion roster's search feature
date 2009-05-01 Release date
patch May 1, 2009 Patch Release patch
changes V9.13 Last patch the champion was changed
role Escaramuzador Champion roles as a comma list
damage 3 Damage rating
toughness 2 Toughness rating
control 1 Control rating
mobility 2 Mobility rating
utility 0 Utility rating
difficulty 1 Difficulty rating
style 10 Style rating
adaptivetype Físico Adaptive Force type (default: Physical)
rangetype cuerpo a cuerpo Basic attack classification
be 1350 BE icon Esencia Azul cost
rp 585 Rp Riot Points cost
skill_i Furia de Batalla Innate ability
skill_q Ansia de Sangre Q ability
skill_w Grito Burlón W ability
skill_e Cuchillada Giratoria E ability
skill_r Furia Inmortal R ability
hp_base 625.64 Base health
hp_lvl 98 Growth coefficient for health
hp5_base 8.5 Base health regeneration
hp5_lvl 0.9 Growth coefficient for health regeneration
mp_base 100 Base resource
mp_lvl 0 Growth coefficient for resource
mp5_base 0 Base resource regeneration
mp5_lvl 0 Growth coefficient for resource regeneration
arm_base 33 Base armor
arm_lvl 3.1 Growth coefficient for armor
mr_base 32.1 Magic resistance
mr_lvl 1.25 Growth coefficient for magic resistance
dam_base 69 Base attack damage
dam_lvl 3.7 Growth coefficient for attack damage
as_base 0.67 Base attack speed
as_ratio 0.6700000166893 Modifier for bonus attack speed
as_lvl 2.9 Growth coefficient for bonus attack speed
range 125 Base attack range
range_lvl Attack range per level
ms 345 Base movement speed
ms_lvl Movement speed per level
crit_base 200 Base critical strike damage (defaults to 200)
crit_mod Critical strike damage modifier
missile_speed Missile speed for projectile-based basic attacks
attack_cast_time Parameter used to calculated basic attack windup percentage
attack_total_time Parameter used to calculated basic attack windup percentage
attack_delay_offset -0.10999999940395 Parameter used to calculated basic attack windup percentage
windup 0.19000000059605 This stat isn't in the data but is calculated using attack_cast_time, attack_total_time and attack_delay_offset.
windup_modifier Modifier to windup growth
acquisition_radius 400 Auto-aggro radius for basic attacks
selection_radius 135 Click-box radius
gameplay_radius 65 Champion's hitbox size
pathing_radius 35 Champion's hitbox size for pathfinding
Special Stats
aram_dmg_dealt 1.05 Damage dealt modifier on ARAM
aram_dmg_taken 0.95 Damage received modifier on ARAM
aram_healing 1 Incoming/outgoing healing modifier on ARAM
aram_shielding 1 Incoming/outgoing shield modifier on ARAM
urf_dmg_dealt 1 Damage dealt modifier on URF
urf_dmg_taken 1 Damage received modifier on URF
urf_healing 1 Incoming/outgoing healing modifier on URF
urf_shielding 1 Incoming/outgoing shield modifier on URF
attack 10 Attack rating from previous client
defense 5 Defense rating from the previous client
magic 2 Ability-damage rating from the previous client
herotype Luchador Primary class (replaced by role)
alttype Aniquilador Secondary class (replaced by role)

Throughout the family of templates, fixed names are used for the parameters. (The parameter names are kept short to reduce counts for the post expand include size and the template argument size in cases where these are applicable.) However, not necessarily all parameters have been given a value: some parameters may not be applicable, while for some other parameters the value may just have not been specified yet. The table shows all parameters, and for each the value, if specified.

Retrieval of data items

To retrieve items from this template, use the following command:


For example, Bard OriginalSquare Bard's base AD is 52.

For variables whose output is a table (e.g. 'role), use the following command:


Currently accepted format-outputs are csv for a comma-list or tip for a tip-list.

For example, Senna OriginalSquare Senna's roles are Tirador.

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