Death occurs when a champion takes sufficient damage to be reduced to zero health. Upon dying, the summoner's screen is shaded gray, a death recap and death timer are displayed, gold is rewarded to champions who earned a kill or an assist, and other champion or situation-specific events may occur, as detailed below. The death of all five members of a team simultaneously is referred to as an ace; it is possible for both teams to be aced at the same time, and no champions to be present on the Field of Justice.

Death Timer

Upon death, every player must wait a given amount of time noted over the champions image. On Summoner's Rift the death timer base can range from 10 to 52.5 seconds and will be rounded when shown when dead. The time can increase after 35 minutes in a match by 2% of the death timer base for every 30 seconds after 35 minutes with a cap of a 50% increase at 47:30. While the death timer is counting down, the summoner is still able to shop for items, look around the map, and chat with other teammates. Ways to reduce the length of the death timer include the following:

When the death timer reaches zero the dead champion is revived on the summoner platform.

To calculate the respawn wait time do the following:

Level × 2.5 + 7.5 = your Base Respawn Wait time (BRW) [1]

After minute 35, the wait time is increased from BRW as follows:

Total respawn time = BRW + (BRW / 25) × (current minutes - 35) [2]

After minute 47:30 the respawn time is maxed out at 150% BRW.

Removal of stacks, buffs or effects

Upon death, if the champion killed possessed a mejora or had built up stacks on one of a handful of items, those effects are either lost or transferred to the killer. If the champion killed possessed an innate ability, the bonus will be lost for the duration of that champion's death.

Ways to prevent death when reaching zero health

Efectos que impiden morir. Ocurren en un orden establecido:

  1. Chronoshift Cronoviaje de Zilean OriginalSquare Zilean
  2. Ángel Guardián objeto Ángel Guardián
  3. Rebirth Renacimiento de Anivia OriginalSquare Anivia / Cell Division División Celular de Zac OriginalSquare Zac / Pozo Sangriento Pozo Sangriento de Aatrox OriginalSquare Aatrox

Ways to prevent dying by not losing health

Post-death events

Some champions have abilities that trigger after their death or the death of another targeted champion, allowing for limited control by one of the involved parties. These will only occur after the previously mentioned sequence and when more than one of them apply they will occur in the following order.

  1. Presagio de Muerte Presagio de Muerte de Yorick OriginalSquare Yorick
  2. Desafío a la Muerte Desafío a la Muerte de Karthus OriginalSquare Karthus / Glory in Death Gloria en la Muerte de Sion OriginalSquare Sion / Icathian Surprise Sorpresa Icathiana de Kog'Maw OriginalSquare Kog'Maw / Despertar de las Espinas Despertar de las Espinas de Zyra OriginalSquare Zyra
  3. Hijos de la Tumba Hijos de la Tumba de Mordekaiser OriginalSquare Mordekaiser

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