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Vorlage:For Tenacity reduces the duration of all crowd control effects, except for Vorlage:Cctip, Vorlage:Cctip and Vorlage:Cctip such as Knockbacks, Knockups and Pulls.

The following items grant Tenacity:


  • Crowd control reduction stacks multiplicatively.
  • Until patch V1.0.0.118, Tenacity was an unnamed effect unique to Mercury's Treads item Mercury's Treads. In the aforementioned patch, the effect was promoted into a champion statistic and three additional items were added: Cloak and Dagger item Cloak and Dagger (removed item), Eleisa's Miracle item Eleisa's Miracle (removed item) and Moonflair Spellblade item Moonflair Spellblade. Tenacity from multiple sources did not stack, similar to Enhanced Movement. With the Season Three item overhaul and the introduction of named item effects, Tenacity was reverted to an item effect. In V3.01, all sources of crowd control reduction were changed to say "Tenacity" and Tenacity was reintroduced as a champion statistic.
  • Tenacity DOES NOT reduce the strength of slows, only the duration.
  • Tenacity does not reduce the duration of suppression, knockups or knockbacks. Galio Standard Galio Sq Galios Idol of Durand Idol of Durand also ignores Tenacity when taunting enemies.
  • Until Season Three, Tenacity's in-game icon was the same as the icon used for Cho'Gath Standard Cho'Gath Sq Cho'Gaths Vorpal Spikes Vorpal Spikes and Baron Nashors Baron Nashors passive. Between the introduction of season 3 changes and V3.01, it shared the same icon as the Tenacious Tenacious mastery. As of V3.01, it no longer has an icon in the buff bar.
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