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Diese Seite dokumentiert einen aus League of Legends mit V9.1 entfernten Gegenstand.

Dorans verlorener Schild item Dorans verlorener Schild war ein Startgegenstand} in League of Legends icon League of Legends. Er war exklusiv auf der aus dem Spiel entfernten Karte Blitzpartie erhältlich.[1]

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  • 100 Leben = Gold 266.67
  • 15 Leben pro 5 Sekunden = Gold 540
    • Gesamtwert = Gold 806.67

Goldwert für Lebensregeneration


  • Dorans verlorener Schild item Dorans verlorener Schild ist 179.26% goldeffizient, abgesehen von der Passiven.
  • Dorans verlorener Schild item Dorans verlorener Schild ist 259.26% goldeffizient, wenn man von einem gegnerischen Champion getroffen wird, abgesehen von der Treffereffekt-Passiven.

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They say Effrem E. Doran was born with a hammer in his hands and a forge in his heart. Every object he touched, he found ways to improve, and he knew that he was destined to be a brilliant artificer. At the age of 15, he was invited to the League with an offer to assume the role of Master Artificer, a dream come true and an unprecedented honor for one so young. However, fate had other plans. En route, his carriage broke an axle. When he leaned down to inspect it, he was kicked in the head by his donkey, a stern blow. He stumbled back onto the wagon, but when he arrived at the Institute of War he was a different boy. The kick had rendered his mind soft, but it hadn’t robbed him of his passion. He still wanted nothing other than to craft, but where once he may have created singular masterpieces, he now crafted…somewhat simpler items, and many of them. He is a kind, goofy, good-hearted soul, and he takes pride in the work he does. His items are daily selected by Champions on the Fields of Justice, and he has a permanent home at the Institute of War.

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