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This template can make a link to the Ability out of the image and name, or it may show the proper image for the ability. It can only accept the name of the ability as the Champion's page states. And it can accept the Champion's name only if it redirects to or is the Champion Article. There's also an optional third parameter that lets you specify an alternative name for the ability while specifying the link to the current ability (used for old ability names to provide icons). If an ability icon does not exist the template will substitute a temporary image.


  • {{Ability icon|Ability|Champion}}
  • {{Ability icon|Ability|Champion|Alternative name}}
  • {{ai|Ability|Champion}}
  • {{ai|Ability|Champion|Alternative name}}


Wrong Usage

  • {{ai|Spin|Garen}} — Wrong ability name
  • {{ai|Judgment}} — Missing the champion name
    • Judgment